Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

It has been a fun few weeks adjusting to Ryan's "normal" work schedule. He is loving his new job and I am loving having a husband home every day at a quarter to 5. I know not everyone is this lucky but I am super grateful. It has been the typical spring with lot's of flood forecasts and predictions. Yesterday they opened the floodway and we headed on down to see the major ice jams.Check out the poor shed buried in the water.
It also helped that BDI opened up and we enjoyed our first ice cream cone of the year. Abby was pretty much in heaven being outside and getting ice cream. You will notice in the second picture Abby trying to run straight into the mud!!
Once again I decided to take on the project of sewing an Easter dress. I guess part of me wants to keep up the tradition that my Mom always made me dresses when I was growing up. Let's face it however I am not a natural seamstress and usually it comes with a lot of sweat and yes occasionally tears. However with my mother in laws help I was able to do it again this year and of course I think she looks adorable.
Today Abby and I decorated some Easter eggs. Usually this is a Good Friday tradition but we are heading to the temple tomorrow so it happened today. She had a great time but wanted more eggs. OOPS. I only boiled 4. It reminded me of Easter when I was little. My cousins would come to the farm we would all color Easter eggs then the parents would hide them outside. After all the eggs were found we would have races with the eggs down the hills at my parents house. My Grandma always made these delicious chocolate covered gelatin eggs. YUM YUM!!! It was such a fun time at the farm with all the new animals being born. One of my favorite seasons and holidays. Of course I love the true reason for Easter and the miracle of the Resurrection and the Atonement. For primary on Sunday Ryan and I get to act as people who knew Jesus and teach the children about the event. Ryan gets to be Joseph Smith and I Mary Magdalene. I am sure it will be great.
Today as Abby and I headed outside for a walk she was so independent wanting to pull her own wagon by herself. I guess this is good because soon I will be carrying another one and won't be able to do it all but she seems so independent already. She cried when we came inside. This girl of mine is all outdoors. I love it.Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!!!