Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well time sure flies when you are having fun! The last week at the Barfuss house has been pretty amazing. I have pretty awesome family here. I do have to say I figured out the dog walking business. I got a sled for Abby and then I never let go of the leash so instead of a running walk we just go for a walk. It is so much more fun for everyone involved.
I am pretty exhausted overall with sleeping in a different bed, Abby waking up because she is not sleeping in her regular bed, and a dog waking me up at night. Can we all say I am not getting a dog anytime soon after this experience. I was kind of feeling overwhelmed the other day since I just wasn't keeping up with all the craziness of teenage business, entertaining a toddler, and trying to keep a house clean. It made me realize how grateful I am for the concept of precept upon precept and although being a parent to four kids this week has been slightly overwhelming I only have one right now and I will only get one at a time so it won't be so totally overwhelming hopefully.
Now I have to brag about how great my neices and nephew have been. Ben is so willing to help out and play with Abby so I can try to catch up and take a short nap. So totally appreciated. Joelle and I got to have a girls night and eat sushi and watch a chick flick. So awesome and so sad that she is leaving me next year but so excited for her to start a new life. Nicole was so awesome yesterday I was feeling like such a bad surrogate Mom because the house was a disaster and she totally started cleaning up and helping out. They are all amazing kids and I am so glad for this experience and that we have built some fun memories. I am also glad for my sister and brother in law. They are pretty amazing and do so much for everyone around them. When she called this morning it sounds like they have had an amazing relaxing trip and I am so glad that they were able to go.
All in all I have a lot of things to be grateful and and I am so glad that I am able to have these learning experiences and hopefully learn from them so that someday I will be that better person I am striving to be.
The other perk about this week is I have become a pro at the Wii bowling and I am slightly addicted. It is so much fun. Ryan is so excited that I of all people am into video games. HE HE!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Skiddles Dilemma

Well Abby loves the Barfuss's dog skiddles but taking them both outside is such a chore . Who knew? I need some sort of winter travel arrangement for Abby. Right now our walks consist of Skiddles running away. Abby screaming when I have to put her down to run after Skiddles and one very frustrated Mom. It would be okay if this dog didn't have to run full tilt constantly but trying to fun full tilt while carrying my 20lb child is a little much in my winter boots. Help anyone? Looking for a free dog walker!! Oh yeah there are three that live here but they are all so busy. Not looking forward to the accidents that will most likely follow today since after our 40 minute adventure to the park Skiddles still didn't go to the bathroom. Oh boy!!! How many more days??? JK!!!
Have a great Monday everyone!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Barfuss Mania

Ryan, Abby, and I have entered a new adventure for the next week and a half. We are taking care of the Barfuss clan so their parents can enjoy a much needed vacation. It should be lot's of fun times and a little peek at what life is like living with three teenagers. My most exciting moment will be the sushi dates with Joelle since my husband still hasn't converted to liking sushi!!
Abby is already in love with Ben and Skiddles (the dog) I think this will be great fun.

Barfuss Mania

Well Ryan, Abby, and I have moved over to the Barfuss's for a week and a half so Vicki and Darren can go on their cruise. It should bring lot's of sushi dates for me YEAH!!!!! Already Abby is in love with Ben and Ryan is now only a ten minute bike ride to work so he is pretty excited. We'll have to keep you updated on our sanity!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Growing Up

It seems like time just rushes by here at the Smith house. This week was pretty big. Abby is now 18 months old. She went to her first birthday party and trick or treating. Crazy!!!
My cousin did this on her blog and I thought it was so cute. Here are some things about Abby at eighteen months old:
1. She loves being outside. Makes me kind of nervous for the winter weather. I just have to find a really warm snowsuit.
2. Loves animals but mostly dogs. We submitted this week and got a few fish. A far cry from a dog but she loves feeding it every morning with Mom.
3. Loves books. Since she was a week old I have been reading to her all the time and now I love it when I tell her to go get something to play with she runs and gets a book!!
4. Has turned into a fearless toddler on the playground. Slightly scary for Mom but so glad she is independent and wanting to explore.
5. Is content with a tupperware container full of whatever so she can dump them out and put them back in. Who needs Fisher Price?
6. Is attached to "Puffy". We have Aunt Beth to thank for this but lately she has taken to carrying her little stuffed penguin everywhere. So cute.
7. She is still pretty quiet. Not saying too many words yet but we all know what she wants when she wants it. Her favorite word to say is Grandpa I wonder if he has been coaching her??
8. Has the best healthy appetite. She loves her fruit and vegetables. I hope this doesn't change. She is happy if I give her an apple to munch on. It's awesome.
9. She is so easy going and goes to nursery at church each Sunday with no problem. Slightly hard on Mom where is my little girl? So independent.
10. She is totally spoiled by her Grandma and Grandpa here in Winnipeg and she totally loves them and going over to their house. It is awesome that we have such great family so close.
Just a sneak peek at my adorable girl. I think she is pretty awesome.
For Halloween we dressed her up as Little Red Riding Hood. We went to three whole houses. I know hold me back. We hit Aunt Vicki's, Grandma's, and our neighbor. It was fun. Honestly she had way more fun after watching all the kids come to the door. Good for everyone since we didn't obtain too much candy and Abby didn't even know what she was missing.
On Tuesday she went to her first birthday party. It was her friends second birthday. It was so weird to drop her off and pick her up three hours later. She is growing up way too fast. Time needs to slow down. Oh and for the record I gave up and just bought a new planner!!!