Monday, February 13, 2012

Manic Monday!

Not really a manic Monday but I love that song and in my head it was a manic Monday. We have been sick at our house for the past week. It started with Abby, a little bit of Daddy, Mommy, and tonight Natalie started coughing and sniffling. Not so fun!! By the way I think it should be illegal to get sick as a Mom.
Being sick and not getting enough sleep is truly exhausting but I love my job and wouldn't trade it for those 2am snuggles and cries of Mom!!
Well today I registered Abby for kindergarten. We are putting her in French Immersion and the school is pretty close a little bit of a walk over this lovely bridge. She is so excited to start school it is really a blessing to have her enthusiasm in our family. When I went to register her the morning classes were already full which was pretty surprising since registration started on Friday? Anyway I guess everyone is super eager. I was feeling bummed because I was hoping for morning and she said well Mom I guess we will never be late. Seriously she overhears everything I say. I was talking to Ryan about how getting their on time with all three for 8:30am will be a bit tricky and I hate being late. Here she tells me not to worry if we have afternoon kindergarten we have all morning to get there. What a cutie!
Natalie had a bit of a rough day and took a fall in the library parking lot. She hit her chin on the cement pad and cut her lip. Nothing like walking into a public place with a screaming bleeding child. Luckily I was prepared and cleaned her up and we sat down for a couple of minutes before she realized it hurt and the tears started rolling and we quickly exited.
I am pretty sure Jared just laughs at all of us girls and all the tears and emotions. I am sure when he is older it won't be so funny but for now I think secretly inside he laughs and laughs.
Anyway we made it home safely after all our adventures and Abby gave her FHE lesson. Daddy did the activity. We talked about Nephi building a boat and Daddy brought out all the toilet paper we had just bought and we spent a lot of time  building our own boats and other such things.
Happy Monday!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

January- Where did you go?

I just looked at my blog and realized wow it has been a long time since I did an entry. You would laugh to know that in my daytimer it is marked on one particular evening as a task to do and never gets done. Anyway a whole month of 2012 has gone. I have done really well on some of my ambitious goals and have had to restart some again. Such is life.
Mostly I have these three to thank for the lack of blogging. Aren't they cute? We have been soaking up every minute of this awesome winter.We get outside daily doing something. Sometimes I am too ambitious and we come home with three crying children but I like to think that someday they will thank me for giving them a love of outdoors and being motivated to accomplish things.

Ryan and I went on a date. We went skating at the forks it was so fun. It was one of our Christmas gifts to each other to plan a date each month. This month was his and he didn't disappoint. My feet were sore at the end but it was fun to be just the two of us for a few hours.

I have been baking a lot. We had fun making these CTR pretzels from the January
Friend magazine. Mind you this baking really isn't helping my whole physical health goal but fun.

Jared is four months old already. He is trying to roll over. During tummy time he bends up those knees and lifts his head up and tries to move. He loves to make lot's of noises and is constantly telling me stories. He sleeps like a dream (knock on wood) and is really great. I love going and getting him in the morning with his big smile.
If I could describe Abby in one word lately it is motivated. She learned how to set goals in her preschool and came home and accomplished her goal in one day. Her new goal is to learn to read and she is working really hard at it. She is growing up so fast and last week I picked up a kindergarten registration package and have been silently freaking out about it. Well not so silently to my husband. Anyway I can't believe she is old enough to go to school already. We found this bear on the sidewalk and she went and knocked on the lady's door to see if it was hers. She is always trying to help and do the right thing.
Natalie completely surprised us just over a week ago and went potty all by herself. She has been in big girl panties ever since and it has been really great (knock on wood). I can't believe how fast she has caught on. She is still her cute little mischievous self and has forced me to put a lock on my fridge and freezer. Now don't be alarmed but this girl will pull anything and everything out and hide under the kitchen table and start eating it. She keeps me on my toes but when she pulls out her big hearty laugh you can't help but smile and enjoy one of her big bear hugs!!
Lastly I had a birthday. I can't believe I am 34 years old already. I am starting to understand now when people say they feel like they are in their 20's still. I was totally spoiled by husband and family and had a great weekend. Loved these beautiful flowers from my hubby.
Hope everyone had a great January!!