Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Family Pics

Hello I just wanted to share our cute Easter family pics. This is mostly for my Mom who reads my blog. She wanted to see a pic of her cute granddaughter. Enjoy!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!! I know enough of the dress. I will restrain myself from posting any more pics but really it is so cute!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Abby and I went out for a bit of shopping this afternoon. Zellers and Dollarama. I got a set of 12 Disney Books for $6. Anyway it was blizzarding when we came out. I LOVE WINNIPEG. I just know spring is coming. In actuality Abby was loving the big snowflakes hitting her face and besides the crazy slippery roads it is kind of pretty! I realized I missed out on putting my fav pic from yesterday up so here it is. Sorry blog overload but what else can I do it is yucky outside! Isn't she cute? And for the record the Easter Egg Hunt was all in fun no injuries. However Ryan and I did score the most candy but who's counting?

Happy Easter

Yesterday we had a fabulous Easter Sunday. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it usually happens when spring is coming and there is a newness to life. It seems I develop more energy and just feel happy to see some green grass. (Well we won't get that excited here in Winnipeg yet). My sister in law sent me a pic of a blooming flower in BC so I know it is coming. Anyway yesterday was Abby's first Easter and I got some pics of her in her new beautiful dress. She was such a sport and let me take a lot of pics. Here is a cute one or her and her Dad. I put a barrett in her hair for the first time which was kind of fun. Of course when we got to church it fell out but Abby's cousins tried to fix it and then she ended up on Aunt Vicki's lap and she had to fix it but hey it was a great effort on my part.

At church I was able to do the music in primary again and that was so much fun. It is definitely one of my favorite places to serve. I love hearing the kids bear their testimony through song. Aren't children just amazing?

After church we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for yummy dinner, photo shoot, and the annual Easter egg hunt. I love how Ryan's parents still do an Easter Egg Hunt for us "older kids". It was a riot. Our friends Theresa and David were there as well and I think they were surprised at our competitive spirit. It was all in fun and of course they all go on the table for sharing after.
As for the photo shoot I am so grateful for Ryan's Dad who is an amazing photographer and takes so much time to get cute photos of us. He does an amazing job and it saves us going to someplace where a stranger is trying to get Abby to smile. As soon as I get the pics I will post one of our family pics. Of course I have to say a big thank you to Grandma who always makes these amazing dinners. It is such a treat to come straight from church to a yummy dinner. We are so lucky to have such great family so close!!
On a total side note I agreed to be the nurse for girls camp again this year. I am so excited because it was such a spiritual boost for me last year. However it means leaving my adorable girl for five whole days. We will see how that goes I am sure it will be great for everyone.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their family.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Dress

Well I finally did something I have always wanted to do but haven't tried yet. I sewed an Easter dress for Abby with a lot of help from my mother in law. It was a lot of fun and it turned out so cute. I finished it today and I can't wait for Sunday. I have a couple of pics that I'll add. Abby isn't in it yet because at the time of the photo she was covered in pears. She loves to eat independently now and so I just let her have fun. When she eats this way she eats everything on her plate. Who says you can't play with your food??
On a side note I have to tell you how amazing my husband is. He is so great at his job he got this amazing letter last week from a lady just gushing at how great his service was. I say it's time to get another raise! Don't we all agree? Anyway I think he is pretty amazing!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mom's Night Out

Well I have a funny story to share. Funny for everyone bittersweet for me. I was all excited to get out this evening and go to a work party. I got my hair cut today and borrowed my sister's cute shirt and everything. I left Abby with her Daddy and headed out. When I got to the restaurant they were like that party was last night. So sad to have a great night planned oh well. Can we all say blonde moment! I took a picture of my cute outfit anyway. Besides I got to come home clean up the kitchen and fold laundry with my cute husband. What more can a girl want?

Last week Abby outsmarted my sneaky plan of protecting my stereo with her basket of books. It turns out she has decided to crawl right in with her books and turn up the stereo. All fun and games until Sunday morning she belted out Mormon Tabernacle as loud as the stereo would go. Not so much fun anymore.

On Sunday we were able to go visit Grandma and Grandpa and enjoy a yummy dinner. The weather is finally started to warm up so we took Abby out for a cruise in her sled. It was so much fun.

Today was my last day of my stroller class at the mall. It was so much fun and of course the best part for my student budget is that it was free. I meant to take a picture of all our strollers lined up but forgot so I am leaving you with a pic my husband took on Sunday. Notice the hot outfit but more importantly check out those calves. Oh yeah!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Waiting for Spring

It has been really cold and then last week we finally had a few nice days and I was so excited. We got to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. We got a bike trailer for Abby that can also go on skies and be a jogger. We headed out to LaBarrier park and did some skiing and then the next day we just went walking at St. Vital. It was so much fun and Abby seems to enjoy the trailer. I love being outside. If only my parents farm was a few kilometers closer!

On a side note we had some visitors on Friday who brightened up this cold winter. My friend Kristi and her cute little guy Isaiah. We joke that Abby and Isaiah are future boyfriend and girlfriend and check this pic out. He is attempting to give Abby a hug so cute. This morning as we headed out to our stroller class at the mall it was -20 again with a windchill of who knows what. I can't wait for spring.