Friday, November 20, 2009

Times of Change

I have totally neglected my blog lately. Not because my life is boring whose life can be boring with two kids running around? I have neglected it mostly because I am too busy to sit down and take the time to share the exciting events. Today I have a sleeping baby and Abby decided she had to watch her movie. I love that I put the movie three quarters of the way through and she still hasn't figured it out. It gives me a 20 minute window and it gives her the movie.We have had some exciting events around here. My amazing husband finished his school and had his convocation. He really wasn't that interested in going but he did since some of his family thought it was a good idea for him to go. You can sort of pick him out in the sea of graduates. It made me reflect on my university graduation. Dare I say almost 10 years ago?? YIKES!! Yes it is true I am getting old and I can't believe I have been a nurse for that long already.
We headed to the dog park last weekend. No we don't have a dog but Abby loves them and having all those dogs running around is enough excitement for her.

Natalie is four months old already. We moved her into the crib this week. She is such a great sleeper that I figured she could handle being in the same room as her big sister. Of course Natalie is doing fine but Abby still wakes up at least once a night and runs into our room. Still working on that.
Natalie is trying so hard to roll over. She has the best smiles in the morning when she wakes up. She is still a spitter-upper (is that a word?).
That girl will ruin any outfit that isn't protected by a bib. She is enjoying her exersaucer but isn't too excited about the jolly jumper. Mostly because the first time we tried it big sister wanted in on the action and pulled on it so hard it fell down and gave Natalie her first goose egg. Haven't braved that a second time yet. I am soaking up every cuddly moment this girl will give me. I can't believe how fast Abby is growing so I am trying to soak up Natalie as a baby as much as I can.
Abby is so cute these days. She is so interested in the world. It is amazing how quickly kids pick up on things. She has figured out the Santa business and wants a new doll. We are going to write her first Santa letter in a few weeks.
It totally doesn't feel like Christmas or even winter here in the peg. It is crazy. Usually by now we have heaps of snow but today we walked to the park in our shirts and played on the swing. I love it. No complaints here. I do love a White Christmas and hope it comes for then but for now I am enjoying this beautiful weather. We have so much to be grateful for!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well since holidays life has slowly gotten back to normal. We are trying to get back into our routine he he he. We are so not a routine house but I like to think we are. We had a fabulous week last week. We headed off to the zoo for Boo at the Zoo on Tuesday. It was so much fun. Abby loved riding the ponies and going for cool rides. She wasn't too excited about the haunted house her Daddy took her through but settled down when her Daddy won her a stuffed animal.
Natalie just took it all in stride and stayed bundled in the car seat. I didn't really get too into Halloween with her this year just a cute pumpkin bib. Abby loved carving pumpkins and wanted a pig pumpkin. Here is the final result.
We had some special visitors as well and had some fun times with the Drennan's. We love it when they come to visit. Natalie got her first kiss from a boy. Isaiah was so cute he loved the baby.
After all the commotion I finally took the kids to get our H1N1 shots last week. What a nightmare that was. We spent over two hours waiting outside and then once you got inside all you hear are screaming children. It was really quite awful. In fact one of the nurses came up to me and was like it really isn't that bad. I guess my facial expression showed how I was feeling a little anxious as I watched Abby look around and start to cry. So not cool as she is usually a gem a the doctor's for her regular immunizations and now she has been marred. I hope it doesn't continue when we go for her next shot. Oh well since then we have all gotten sick with the sniffles. Hopefully that doesn't last too long.
I am starting to get excited for the Christmas season now that Halloween is over. All the stores are putting their stuff out and pretty soon I am sure the music will start. I can't wait.