Monday, February 7, 2011

To blog or not to blog!

Lately I have not been feeling the need to blog. Occasionally life overwhelms me and quite frankly my blog is the last thing on the list.
 We have been quite busy with the upcoming Valentine's day. Abby has sent out Valentine's to all her cousins and is having a Valentine's Party on Friday with a few of her friends. Should be fun.
Her new favorite saying is "I'm running out of energy!" For instance I might ask her to make her bed or pick up a toy and she will respond with Mom my legs are running out of energy. Oh boy! She successfully dunked completely in the water at swimming lessons today which she is quite proud of. It still shocks me that she is in Sunbeams and as I was doing sharing time on Sunday and watching her with the other kids it just amazed me how grown up she really is.
Natalie is now 18 months and a bit and constantly keeps me on my toes or running wherever we may be. A couple of weeks ago I lost her twice and felt completely incompetent. One was at the library and the librarian was like Ma'am are you missing a child because there is a toddler standing on top of the table over there. Yeah that would be Natalie. Then the next day at Superstore you know putting my loonie in and having to put her down she bolts into the store and next thing I know an old man comes up to panic stricken me and says if you are missing a little girl she is over by customer service.  It is a great thing she is so cute and always keeping us smiling.
The other day I came into the kitchen and this is what I found. Natalie with her spoon in the bucket of ice cream. Abby and Natalie needed a snack and I wasn't quick enough. A definite negative at having a bottom freezer. Ice cream is far too accessible.
As for me I turned another year older in January we went out for a nice dinner the day before and on my birthday we had some friends over for dinner. It was awesome.
Mother Nature teased us last week where we had a few really nice days. We played outside all afternoon. Now it is back to -20 and if I go to work one more time and someone else tells me about their tropical vacation they went on I am pretty sure I will cry.
I know it's only February but -5 to -10 would be so nice!!!!
           Yeah I can totally relate to the song California Dreaming right now!!!