Thursday, October 23, 2008

Planner Drama

Well I have realized that I am lost without my daytimer/planner. I lost it last week and I feel lost in the world. It is totally frustrating. Today for instance is Thursday. Abby and I always go to Rhyme Time on Thursdays but I totally forgot because I have no planner. Is this a sign of getting old or am I just too addicted to my planner???
On a funny note tonight I did a presentation at cub scouts about tobacco and smoking and it was so much fun. I made this obstacle course where you make them have the handicaps of someone who has been smoking for a very long time. Lot's of laughs and hopefully not too many bumps and bruises.
If anyone sees my lovely little black planner send it home!!! PLEASE!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well we had a fabulous Thanksgiving. My sister made a delicious dinner and had a houseful of people over. It was a lot of fun. I had worked a night shift on Sunday so Abby and Daddy were trying to be really quiet. When I got up to give Abby her lunch I decided to quickly blow dry my hair and it got really quiet. When I came to peek on her this is what I found. What a little angel.

After our yummy dinner we had a blast playing rock band. It was so much fun. I confess that I really only do the singing part as I am very pathetic at drums. Abby however loves to dance and here she is grooving to the beat.
I am so grateful that she loves music it makes it easy to always be singing or playing the piano and dancing around the living room. She is always up for it.

All in all we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are so grateful to be here in Winnipeg so close to so many great family and friends.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well it is almost Thanksgiving one of my favorite holidays. Gratitude is truly such an amazing quality that I hope to master someday but as for now it is a continuing goal to attain. Love this scripture about gratitude D&C 78:19 "And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him even and hundredfold,yea more."
Isn't that amazing?
Anyway I am pretty grateful for these two people in my life. Ryan is an amazing husband who listens to all my little stresses and concerns and then helps me be unstressed. He is awesome. By the way he just had his birthday the big 27!!!! It was a fun event and I even bought him a pellet gun. His wish. Abby who is so much fun and always makes me smile even when I have to work a night shift and she refuses to nap she can still get a grin out of me!!
My parents on both sides. My Mom who is also having a birthday this weekend is amazing and has really taught me how to be. My Dad who has always taught me to work hard and be satisfied with your work.
Ryan's parents who have done so much for us. I feel completely spoiled by them often. In fact tonight Abby is having a sleepover so I can work my night shift and Ryan can get his exam done. I don't know how we will ever repay our parents so I will just keep trying to be a good person and hope that's enough.
I am grateful for a free country and having the gospel in my life. I am also grateful for great friends. In August my good friend left me for the north and I have really missed having such a great person to just chat with. On that note I am so grateful for technology and the ability to communicate with people no matter where they live.
Well I could go on and on I will spare you. However please take the time this weekend to tell someone how grateful you are for them because as I see every shift at work you never know what Heavenly Father has in store for you so be GRATEFUL now!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Week in the Life

Well it has been a pretty amazingly fun week. I am so grateful to have such a fun husband and daughter who keep me smiling and busy. Our week started off with a really fun night out. We went to a concert by Meaghan Smith. She used to babysit Ryan (hehehe). She is amazingly talented and what a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the night out. Everyone should definitely check her out.

We went out for a family bike ride. We headed out to St. Adolphe and I was able to keep up with my husband. Yeah right he let me set the pace so it was really fun and I think Abby is finally starting to enjoy the trailer and be able to entertain herself a bit better.

What else well fall is here. I love fall for all the beautiful colors. Of course I had to take a few pics of our cute Abby. Here are some her in the leaves.
I attempted to rake a big pile but she kept wanting to throw them up in the air instead.
One of our favorite events daily is to head to the school nearby and play at the playground. Since it feels like winter will soon arrive every nice day we head over and today I took the camera so just some fun shots!
Besides the park Abby loves birds almost as much so tonight we are heading over to the Fort Whyte to watch all the geese fly in I have never been but my husband tells me it is pretty amazing. Here is a pic of Abby chasing her favorite flying object at the park.

Lastly we had our Enrichment meeting on Wednesday it was called," What's in Your Purse?" It was so good. Four mini classes based on the talk from last general conference about mothers. It was very inspiring. I can't wait for this weekend to hear the prophets speak. It is definitely a challenge with a toddler to attend all four sessions but we will see what we can accomplish. This is one of my favorite pics of our new First Presidency don't they look so happy? I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.