Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Halloween

Better late then never I always say. Well actually I hate being late and never say that but I am finding these days the blog is getting pushed out to the no time category hence writing about Halloween two weeks late. Anyway had to share our cute Halloween pics. It was so fun this year. Abby was so into it. Natalie burst out crying at the first door but once she got some candy she was really into it. Jared came to a few houses then handed out the candy with Grandma. All in all we had a great holiday here are my cutie pies in their costumes!! Natalie was a giraffe and Abby was a dog.
I didn't dress Jared up but he has some pretty good facial expressions without a costume so I figured he didn't need one yet.
This is us on the way out. Yes I was a total lamo and dressed up as a nurse. Ryan went as a cowboy but we didn't get his pic for some reason??

This is one of my favorite pics of the night. The two girls looking so independant and so eager to get to the next place. I feel like they are growing up soooo fast!!!!! Oh and by the way the weather was so fantastic like probably the warmest Halloween I have ever experienced thus far in Winnipeg!! Pretty awesome!!!