Friday, May 22, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Well it has been a week since my sister left but I have been being pregnant so not up to much activity like updating my blog. You know that stage in pregnancy where you just feel huge and uncomfortable and are looking forward to the labor and delivery because then the end is near that is how I am feeling this week however I still have a few weeks yeah like 5 to go so I should just find joy in this journey.
Anyway back to fun stuff I had so much fun with my sisters. Vicki was off work most of the time as was I so we just got to enjoy hanging out with Leslye. It was so great. Abby loved being out and about everyday and loved getting to know her Aunt. We ate some great food, played some great WII, and just had some great laughs together. My sisters are the best and it was really a fun time. Of course we hit BDI. Abby felt pretty special getting her own kids cone for the first time.
On Victoria Day our plans were to head to Bird's Hill Park for a picnic but the weather wasn't really cooperating so we headed out to do some shopping, driving, and hit the pet store. Abby loves the pet store and holding all the animals. We got the bird on her shoulder but the bird wanted Abby's kleenex so we had to put her back before she ate it. All in all it was a very fun family day!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sister Visit

My sister Leslye is in town. We have been having so much fun. I haven't had to work the entire visit and it has been great. She is an awesome sister who doesn't like me taking photos of her but today I am taking the camera. Stay tuned!!!

For my fellow garage sale junkies out there. It is garage sale season yeah!!! I love finding a great deal at a garage sale. On the weekend we found a piano for $400. Oh yeah a real wood piano I am so pumped to have a functioning beautiful piano again. I can't wait to get it to our house and start sharpening up my skills again. Hooray for garage sales!!!!!

Pure Joy

I can't believe it my baby is 2 already. We had her big birthday party on May 3. It was sort of a combo event seeing as how my sister and nephew's birthdays are the same weekend. Abby was so cute she was wired all day knowing it was her birthday. We had put balloons up. She wouldn't take a nap and wouldn't go to bed that night either. We had a nice BBQ although we ate indoors as it wasn't super nice.
I brought out the cake I made. It turned out super cute but was really a labour of love since the night before I was ready to throw it out the window because it wouldn't cook properly. Abby loved it and it tasted great. What more can you ask? We call it the ladybird beetle cake. I always thought it was a ladybug but my great father in law always corrects me. The reason I called this entry pure joy is because when Abby opened her presents she was so happy and thrilled with each one. It was amazingly cute. She got a bouncy ball, bubble blower, and slide. She was so excited she had to have a lovely two year old temper tantrum that night when I tried to get her to come inside. Anyway I love watching children get someone they love and are just so full of joy!! There is no hiding their emotions and I think that is an amazing quality!!
As per tradition I will share some of my favorites about my two year old
1. She loves food and you always know when she loves it. She is always saying yum yum or no!!!
2. She has an amazing giggle that can make anyone smile or laugh.
3. She is ultra sensitive and when she sees Mom or Dad sad or upset she gets the same way. Now it is sweet not sure how this will pan out in the teenage years but for now it's cute.
4. She loves the outdoors. She would play outside all day and night if I let her and if we lived somewhere a little nicer weather wise.
5. She is saying many words now and out of the blue comes out with a new one. So cute!!
6. She can curl her tongue and does it on demand.
7. For the most part she is sleeping in a big girl bed and going potty with few accidents.
8. She has her first crush on her nursery leader. Him and his wife are moving out of the ward soon so I am sure she will be sad when he leaves. It is pretty darn cute though.
9. She still loves books and loves to read. My favorite thing is listening to her at night reading to her stuffed animals before she falls asleep.
10.She comes up to my belly says baby and gives it kisses. So cute!!!
I can't believe what a blessing and joy she has been in our life. We love our Abby and are so excited to continue to watch her change and grow!!!
Here is a pic of her first portrait done by her Great Grammy Smith. She did an amazing job for someone who can't see well. She is a pretty amazing lady. Abby loves looking at it on her wall.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Yeah for Spring

I am so excited that the snow is finally gone. We were able to get our yard raked this week and Abby and I are back out doing our daily explorations of the neighborhood. It is so much fun.
We headed out to Bird's Hill Park last weekend for Ryan's first race of the season. It was pretty fun although Abby and I truly missed all of the action as we were walking back and forth looking for the action. Silly us.
Abby turned two yesterday but we aren't having the party until Sunday so I will save my post about her for that day.
I have started to really "blossom" as everyone calls it with number 2. I am feeling huge and not so lovely with the pregnancy but starting to really get excited. I am over 30 weeks now and am on the countdown of shifts left to work.
We bought Abby a big girl bed a few weeks ago and surprisingly it has been going amazing at night time. She loves going to bed now if we can only get her to get back to sleeping all night again that would be super fantastic!!A few weeks ago we had company the Drennan's. It was so fun to see them again and have them stay for a few days. Isaiah and Abby have so much fun together. Hopefully it won't be too long before we get to see them again. It is so nice to have such great friends who you don't see for a while but you still have lot's to talk about.