Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alberta Bound

Road Trip 2011 was a blast. On the way out the girls were totally amazing. We had the green box of toys and lot's of snacks. Minimal crying and lot's of fun. We gave Abby our old camera and she took lot's of pics on the way.
 At the farm we had a great visit. Of course our first morning we headed out on the tractor with Poppa to feed the cows. Abby loved watching Poppa pick up the huge bales and then watch the cows chasing us to eat it.
 The definite highlight at the farm were Grandma's new kittens. Abby loved feeding them their milk and petting them. Lucky for us they were really friendly!!
 What trip to the farm would be complete without a trip to the Hutterite colony.Abby refused to be in the picture she insisted on taking it. They loved seeing all the chickens and watching the eggs roll down the chute.
 Abby and  Grandma have something in common. They both love to do puzzles. They had fun putting together Abby size puzzles!!
 I am pretty confident I scared my kids off sledding for a while. I took them down a "real" hill on the farm. I say real because Manitoba is pretty flat well at the end Abby was like "Mom that was way too fast, I am done sledding!" Oops!!!
                                                                       The cats again.
 The reason for our trip was my Dad's 70th birthday party. My sister Vicki hosted it and it was super fun. Of my siblings these are the ones who could come. It is so nice to get together and celebrate things together as a family. I am pretty lucky to have such a great family!!!
                        It was so fun to hear my Dad's siblings reminisce about things and laugh together!!
                                  My girls and I in front of the St. Mary's River at Woolford Park.

Our trip back was lengthened by bad weather but we were able to spend the night at a motel with a swimming pool and have some fun.
We had a great trip and it was so nice to be home, visit with family, and share lot's of memories with the girls. We owe a huge thanks to Grandma from the city for coming. It was so nice to have another adult to help distract the kids during the drive and be a huge help throughout the visit!!!
                                                We can't wait for our next visit in the summer!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Cutting down our Christmas tree.
We had such a fantastic Christmas. Abby was totally into it this year. It makes it so magical. We also made a lot of homemade gifts and I was only out shopping twice that was heavenly.
Not the best pic but this is the fantastic kitchen that Santa brought for the girls. They love playing restaurant and making all sorts of yummy food. All the family helped out and they got dish set from someone and Aunt Beth made them 3-D food. This was the biggest hit. Grandma also made them the cute matching aprons. Abby is holding the banana. It makes for hours of playing restaurant so much more fun.
We did our gingerbread house and can you tell by Abby's face how excited she was? Everyday I got asked Mom when can I start eating it?
Christmas Dresses. I can't find the pic with both girls so here is Abby. A better pic of Santa's awesome kitchen with Natalie.

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. Tomorrow I head off to Alberta with the girls for my Dad's 70th birthday. I'm so excited to be going but sad that Ryan can't come. It will be so fun to be back at the farm with the girls again. It is always awesome to go home and be in the peace and quiet of the country and the dark night where you can see all the stars. I can't wait!!!!