Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Her

I have to say I have really been enjoying the last few weeks in the sense that I have been spending all my time with Abby and not worrying about work or other such things. I got called into the RS Presidency at church but they are taking it easy on me until the baby comes. A couple of weekends ago we headed out to La Barrier Park. It is a beautiful park with walking trails and a small creek running through it. Abby was very upset however that there was no play structure. Ryan tried to appease her by taking lot's of photos! It was super hot and we didn't really walk on the trails much due to large numbers of mosquitoes. All in all it was a fantastic day. Here are some great photos my hubby took of our adventure. Abby is beckoning us to hurry up in this picture. She will turn around and say come and except you to come running.
Still waiting for number 2 to decide to arrive. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Ryan is really busy with work next week so we were hoping for this week. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot Weather

Here is my proud two year old on the day of her swimming graduation. She successfully passed the sea turtle level. It wasn't really that intense but she made awesome progress in ten weeks and now loves being in the water.

Well I have to say that it has turned into summer here with temperatures in the high 20's which is fantastic as my garden has been growing like crazy. I love seeing all the little green guys popping out of the dirt. I have learned however that being 8months pregnant in the heat is not so much fun. I have definitely enjoyed an increase in energy the last week or so which is awesome.
Last night we got out the bassinet and rearranged the bedroom to accommodate a new baby again. I am really starting to get excited to see and meet our new little one.
I have been enjoying being off work I ended up getting a doctor's note seeing as how I was really feeling exhausted and our unit was full of patients with H1N1 which I don't really wish to be around so it was a blessing in disguise.
I have been enjoying just being at home with Abby. She has grown up so much and is such a sweet girl. The last few days she has been coming up to my belly and saying "baby out". Despite her sweetness she is sure trying us in the sleeping area. I guess it is just prep work for what's to come. She is not enjoying going to bed these days but I am hoping it is just a phase. She loves going for walks and thinks dandelions are the prettiest flowers and is always asking to pick them.
Other than that we are looking forward to celebrating Father's Day this weekend with Ryan's family. I feel totally lucky to have such a great husband and for Abby to have such a great Dad!!! He is awesome and puts up with a lot from his pregnant wife. One skill Grandpa and Dad have been teaching Abby is how to play basketball or just get the ball in the net.Abby loves it when they lower the net and she can just throw the ball in.
Well I am off to turn up the air conditioning and I hope you are all enjoying some nice summer weather.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well we have finally started to have some nice weather and got the garden planted. So sad everything in my parents garden is coming up already. Oh well I feel accomplished in the fact that I actually got a garden in and planted. Correction Ryan and Abby planted it and I supervised. I am on Ryan's computer today since I am too uncomfortable to walk down the stairs. How pathetic!! I have been feeling really crummy lately secretly wishing for the baby to just come early and then get back to life as I know it. HA HA life will never be the same with two. I know.
Yesterday as I was laying on the couch with my flu like symptoms my little independent Abby wanted a drink of water so she pulled a chair into the bathroom filled up her glass and got it into the living room without spilling a drop. She was so proud of herself. A big thank you goes out to my inlaws who once again saved me today and took Abby to the playground for a while. I don't know how one ever repays their parents but I am so far behind I doubt that I ever will.
Other than that life is continuing on here Abby is growing and talking more and more. Ryan started riding his bike to work and he does it in only 40 minutes. He is amazing it is way over by the airport. He is definitely my inspiration in the physical activity area. Yesterday however he went to do his mountain bike race and he crashed had to get some first aid from one of the many residents in our ward. Poor guy so no biking for a few days. Oh well more time for Abby and I!!!
I'm not complaining!!
Other than that not too much new around here. I have six shifts left to work and am at the 35 week mark. I know I am cutting it a little close. I was really hoping to work to the end in case I have to go back then I don't have to go back till the baby is pretty much one!!! Here's hoping I make it!!!!!