Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

So a few days into the new year and there was a water main leak on our street and we have been without running water for two days. Today we finally have water to drink and flush the toilet but there is still problems. Tomorrow I may have to run over to Mom and Dad's and shower seriously you would think I lived in a third world country!! See the little trailer on the right side of the picture that was the water supply for the street thankfully we have a water supply in our storage room and I didn't have to run out there to get water.

Besides that little obstacle I love this time of year. I love setting goals and trying harder to be better. I love trying to make lemons out of lemonade. For instance yesterday I was super frustrated about the water situation but today we just hung out, played games, and enjoyed living simply??
Natalie was giving kisses to her dinosaurs because they were sad they didn't have water!! Yeah that was the story Abby and her were telling. Do you think I might have been focused a little too much on that the past two days???
Jared is growing like crazy and puking like crazy. Seriously this kid spits up so much I can't believe he is even getting any milk but he obviously is. He smiles and laughs and is pretty easy going. He has been trying to take cat naps the last two days and is totally messing up any sort of schedule I might have had him on. Already three months old yikes does time go faster the more kids you have?? I sure feel like it does!

Christmas Fun

I can't believe how fast the Christmas holidays went. It seemed we were so busy preparing and making things that it zoomed by. Here are some of the fun things we did this year!
Decorating the Gingerbread House. Always so much fun for Abby and this year Natalie got into it. Mostly they both got excited about when do we get to eat it Mom? Here it is in all it's glory!

Santa's elves were very busy this year and the girls got a puppet theatre. It turned out so cute and we have been having some amazing puppet shows from the girls. They also got some sock puppet kits from Aunt Beth and had a blast making their own puppets. Abby has been teaching me all sorts of things about marriage, honesty, and forest animals. I know a random list you never know what will come out when she says,"Mom hurry I have a puppet show for you"

You can see Jared's clothes hanging on the theater. He pretty much got spoiled with clothes this year.
Here is a picture of one of my projects that I think turned out super cute! Abby is addicted to crafts and we are slowly getting her craft area all set up. She makes at least 5 cards a day for people so I wanted to give her a place to hang them up on. Natalie also got one to match and so far has nothing on it but I am sure she will eventually catch on to the fun of crafts especially if Abby has anything to do with it.
All in all we had a great magical Christmas even though Jared looks as if he didn't enjoy it at this particular moment. We loved having Daddy home for over a week. We played lot's of games and watched lot's of movies since Santa brought us the projector for our theatre room. It has been Ryan's project pretty much since we moved in. I will have to take a pic soon .Still doing some painting and such but it is pretty sweet!
Since it has been so mild we enjoyed lot's of time at LaBarrier Park. One of our favorites and there was actually a hill that had enough snow on it to sled down. I shouldn't say hill more like a slope. Abby discovered trees and climbing on them and almost got a branch in the eye. Luckily disaster was averted and it just hit the eyelid.

We enjoyed our usual fondue with Ryan's family a favorite tradition for everyone. This year for Mom's birthday we planned a big lobster dinner well to be fair Dad did most of the planning but we participated and it was so fun. Abby is not a big seafood fan we found out and Natalie loved it and kept asking Grandma for more!!! Abby did enjoy putting the lobsters to sleep before we cooked them.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!