Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Fun

It has been an interesting summer thus far. The weather here in Manitoba has not been that stellar a few nice days here and there. This past weekend it finally felt like a summer weekend with lot's of fun things to do.
On Friday my amazing husband came home and saw that both Abby and Mommy needed a break from each other. He suggested we set up the tent and Abby and he would spend the night outside in our backyard. Abby was so excited. I feel pretty lucky to have such a great hubby. I was so surprised when she stayed out the whole night. My baby is growing up.
On Saturday we headed out to the Morden Corn and Apple Festival. It was so much fun. It was a nice drive then we hit the festival. The crowds were pretty crazy and we really only spent time at the petting zoo but it was fun to get out and dosomething different as a family.
Abby was so brave and rode the horse by herself. She didn't even look at Mom or Dad during the whole ride she was just so excited. She also loved seeing all the different animals and petting them.
Natalie is doing great. She is an awesome sleeper so far and such a laid back personality. She seems so content and only cries for a reason. No all nighters with this girl. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful baby. We did a photoshoot with Grandpa and our friend Ruth just waiting to get some pics back. Here is one that Daddy captured of her in her blessing dress.
Tomorrow is canning day. Grandma and I are each doing a case of peaches. I am so excited to have them in my pantry for the winter. Everyone at this house loves peaches!!! Yum Yum!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I love my two year old. She is cute and cuddly. She loves to go to the park, go swimming, and read books. Lately what she doesn't love is going to bed. It's a phase that is what everyone is telling me but it is one exhaustive phase. It sure makes me appreciate my Mom who raised seven kids I don't know how she did it.
Ryan and I had a special day on Wednesday that's right it has been four years already since we got married. We had Subway for supper(my fav.) then headed out to Bird's Hill Park for his last bike race of the season. I know we are super romantic. It was fun and it is great to see your husband doing something that he loves. I wish I was in the kind of shape he is. He is a great husband and I love him more and more each day. He is especially great with my lovely two year old when I am done. Kudos out there to all the single moms I don't know how you do it. We were hoping to go for a bike ride together tomorrow but alas Mother Nature is not cooperating. Rain Rain go away.
Tonight I got to go out for sushi with my good pals Romy and Joelle. Yum Yum. I love sushi and when you go with such great company of course it is a blast.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I can't believe it is August where did July go? We had some fun times with family the last while. My parents were able to come out for a few days and we did some touristy things with them.
We headed out to Lower Fort Garry, had picnics, and just enjoyed each other's company. My sister and Mom spoiled me by picking strawberries for me and even making some into jam. I am ultra grateful because I love strawberry jam and the fresh strawberry pie I was able to make. Don't they rock?

We also had some fun times with Ryan's brother and wife who came out. We got to try flying this huge kite. Well I didn't try the first night because I was a wimp and then night two it was so windy my sister in law Beth almost got hurt bad and I wasn't too interested after that.
Natalie and Abby got spoiled by everyone and enjoyed every minute of it.

Lastly here is a picture of Abby watching the popcorn popper go. She loves it and gets so excited she is giggling every time Grandma makes popcorn. She is missing them right now as they are on their annual canoe trip. Yesterday she got on her play phone and was asking for Poppa (Grandpa) and today when I dropped off something for Aunt Beth she burst into tears because there was no Poppa or Grandma at home.
All in all we are enjoying a great summer and trying to have as much fun as we can.
Check out this pic. If only I could arrange nap times. This has only happened once or twice where they are both sleeping at the same time and boy did I enjoy that.