Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have a pretty amazing niece whose name is Joelle. Today I took her out for breakfast for her 17th birthday. I can't believe she is 17 already well not until Thursday but still it seems like she was just born. I think she is a pretty awesome girl and this is probably the last birthday of hers that we will celebrate together in Winnipeg since she has great aspirations to leave Manitoba for the University of Alberta. It is great to live so close to my nieces and nephew here in Winnipeg and really get to know them more as friends.
I have never seen a 17 year old so busy and so motivated to do so many different things.Here are some pics from our yummy breakfast adventure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I love being a Mom

I am just writing a random note about being a Mom today because I just had the most fun this afternoon with Abby and it was totally random and spontaneous.
When I was a kid I loved music and I used to listen to my big sister's records and make up actions to all the songs and sing my little heart out. Today I introduced that to Abby. Okay totally cheesy because really Abby doesn't really get it but she loves music and she dances and she was having fun. What more can a Mom ask? No pictures because well no one needs to see my dance moves but I just wanted to share how much fun it was and how much I love being a Mom.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is in the Air

As the weather starts showing signs of what is to come Abby and I have been trying to get outside as much as possible. It often amazes me at what she can do now and how much she understands. She isn't saying much yet but she is understanding and doing things when I ask her. It is so much fun to watch her. The other day we were at the park and she was determined to climb up those rope ladders. I can say she is definitely a determined little girl and with a little help from Mom she did make it to the top. She was just beaming when she did it too. What can I say she is one smart girl!! Here is a pic of her and her friend Marie-Claude they were so cute walking around the duck pond holding hands.
Ryan headed back to school for his last semester of his undergrad. It is exciting but scary thinking that we are really going to be entering the real world soon. This semester doesn't seem so bad thus far and Abby and I get to see Daddy a bit which is so nice.
My most exciting event is our basement is finally complete. Right before our trip we got our subfloor in and then after we got home our carpet. We decided since it was empty we might as well paint it. Now we are moving everything back in and it looks great. It feels like a brand new basement. Abby and I are enjoying the extra playing area and I am enjoying having my bedroom back.
My favorite thing about being a Mom this week is Abby has learned how to give kisses and she puckers her cute little lips and gives me kisses all day. Nothing is as great as getting hugs and kisses all day. Who says motherhood isn't the greatest job ever!! We also discovered we have a little corn on the cob lover. Yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's we gave her half a cob and she devoured it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Smith Family Holidays

Well time goes way too fast and we are home from our holidays already. We spent a couple of days over in P.E.I. On the way over we took a ferry ride which was fun. Abby loved running around on the deck until the big horn sounded signaling time to return to our cars she came racing back to her Dad. We stayed in Charlottetown for two nights it was so nice. The weather continued to be super hot and beautiful.
On Saturday we headed up to Cavendish and Green Gables. I loved seeing the house that the book was based on. We headed on a couple of hikes through Lover's Lane and The Haunted Wood. Although the Haunted Wood wasn't that scary at all. We went to the bookstore there and there was this cute asian girl about the same age as Abby who kept staring at us. She finally came over and started pushing Abby around in the stroller it was so cute. I bought Abby a child's version of the story and I read it to her that night. I know so cheesy but fun. In the afternoon we hit the village of Avonlea which was super duper expensive but we thought we probably won't be here again so we should just do it. We got in and it was lamo. So mad at myself. However there was a little petting zoo which Abby loved so it was really all worth it. We hit the beach after that which was so beautiful. Every single place I have been too has been so beautiful.
We hit the Charlottetown Branch for church on Sunday. I met one of my good friends sister in laws. She was so sweet and I was like I would have never guessed that you are Matt's sister and then she totally imitated Matt to the "t" which was hilarious. After church we hit the road and took a long scenic drive down the coast of PEI to the bridge. It was so beautiful once again but it took quite a long time and by the time we hit the bridge we were so hot and tired.
The bridge is really quite an amazing piece of architecture. However since the Honda sits pretty low the view on the bridge wasn't that amazing I took a pic to show it off but I won't bore you with the cm of ocean that you can visualize.
We finally arrived at the cottage which was totally awesome. It was a beautiful evening so we walked along the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. They have amazing sunsets on the East Coast. Our week at the cottage was super relaxing. Abby and I hit the beach every low tide to collect shells. You would laugh at the big bag I brought home. Oh well. The weather turned from amazing the first week to gloomy and rainy most of the second week so we didn't get much beach time but Abby enjoyed the puddles, I learned to drive a stick shift, and we hit a few towns in the area. We hit the local museum which has an exhibit on a giantess Anna Swain. So funny. We cooked up some lobster well Ryan did and he did an awesome job. I was a little nervous about eating something that was moving 15 minutes earlier but I overcame that once I tasted it.
On our last weekend we headed into Truro to spend some time with Ryan's Grandparents. They took us out for some fish and chips and we played some great crib. On Sunday we had a get together with two of Ryan's aunts and their families. It was so fun to meet everyone.
Well this is way too long and I need to get off the computer but all in all we had a great holiday and are back home ready for real life again. I have to leave you with this video of our little puddle jumper. I hear it runs in the family. Aunt Beth this is for you.