Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wow where does the time go?

Since the last few weeks/month have been focused on packing, moving, and all other such exciting things I feel like I am living in a blur. This is the first move for us since marriage and kids and oh my we seem to have accumulated so much stuff. Oh dear. Gone are the days when I moved to Winnipeg in my car with a few boxes being sent via Greyhound.
As usual the girls are keeping us on our toes. Since I am so bad at printing pictures here is the one I promised to a certain amazing sister that I haven't printed yet. Sorry just haven't got to it.
We have been enjoying some great spring like weather and then some days  fall like weather. I can't complain it isn't a tornado or flood so we can deal with it.
As usual Natalie is our little charmer with her curly locks. Pretty much wherever we go I get a comment about our curly haired cutie. I have to tell you this hat is a bit of a funny story. Ryan bought it for his Dad for a belated birthday present to go with a matching coat. I am pretty sure Mom is not going to let him out of the house wearing it but Natalie sure looked cute in it.
Another attribute of natalie that I have noticed lately is her love of music. Whenever I try to sit down and play she comes running over and tries to play with me. She also starts swaying away whenever music comes on. It is pretty cute unless I am trying to actually practice something then it is challenging.
Here is our other little grown up at the zoo last week. Abby is so interested in learning about so many things and I can't believe how much she retains. She blew me away last week when she brought up something I had taught in sharing time a week ago. She can tell you the whole story of a library book after reading it once. It is crazy to me.
She was asking about mermaids the other day and then Dad took this picture of her in the tub and I told her she looked like a beautiful mermaid. Her hair is beautifully straight how I always dreamed mine would be someday. I am sure in about ten years I will have two daughters wishing they had the other one's hair.
Here is our jaunt to La Barrier Park on Victoria Day yeah it was cold out. The dandelions are crazy this year and Ryan was having a blast taking pics with all the yellow in the background.
I have been immersed in a couple of books by the Eyre's lately
1. 5 Spiritual Solutions for Parents and 2. A Mother's Book of Secrets
They were so inspiring and encouraging in my parenting endeavors.

On a sad note I taught my last sharing time in our ward on Sunday. I will miss our great primary and serving with some great sisters. I was so glad my last two sharing times were about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon: Another testament of Jesus Christ. I love teaching the basics probably why I love being in primary.
This Sunday we have our visiting teaching workshop and another sister and I are doing a duet hopefully I won't be too hormonal/emotional. I told the RS Pres. it wasn't really fair being my last Sunday in Dalhousie ward and I have to sing in front of all my sweet RS sisters. Oh well I have learned so much in this ward and I am looking forward to new opportunities to serve and learn in a new ward.

Oh and yeah I feel like an official Mom now we bought "the van" last weekend. A 2007 Chevy Uplander. We got a great deal and traded in our Focus Wagon. I already love it. The first few times driving I felt like I was back on the farm driving a big truck but now I am getting used to it and love the convience.
Wow okay I will quit typing this turned into a novel of sorts!!!