Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Princess is 4!!

For the last few months Abby has really gotten into Disney stuff and princesses so this year we had a princess and prince party for her 4th birthday. I can't believe she is 4 already. AHH!! Oh wait she isn't really until Saturday but today was her little party. Here were her invitations we printed onto little crowns.
A princess party is being planned.
Prince and Princesses come from far and wide.
At 1:30 have your carriage arrive. The 27th is our special day,
At Smith Castle your mom knows the way.
Everyone wear your prince and princesses clothes,
for treasure hunts, treats, and the royal bubble blow!
We hope you can come to our royal ball,
Queen Jessica is requesting a call 257-4729.
Princess Abby

She dressed up as Cinderella and I attempted to do an upkeep of her hair. It was adorable we had three princes and one other princess. We played treasure hunt, princess and the pea, crown decorating, and ate snacks. One little prince showed up with a flower and said,'I'm going to be your prince charming" So adorable. It was a bit of work but so much fun. We ended off with a Royal Bubble Blow and blew many bubbles into the sky.
At 4 -Abby is still into crafts and books. She got a ton of craft supplies for her birthday so that will keep us busy for a while.
-She loves riding her bike and keeps asking when the training wheels are coming off.
-She is into playing board and card games now and loves to win.
-She loves playing pbskids on her computer
-Much to my dismay she loves playing Super Mario with Dad on the wii. I only say dismay because I am horribly bad at it and can't really play. I am pretty sure she could surpass me if she wanted to.
-She is my super sensitive girl and when Mommy is upset she will tell me "Mom it's okay or Mom I'm sorry"
-She loves to sing and requests her primary CD whenever we are in the car. It is amazing how many songs she knows already.
-She has a great imagination and loves to play with other kids and imagine different things.
She is a great daughter and we are so happy to have her in our family. She is definitely our little princess!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Abby!!!!! We love you!!!!!

Easter Bunny!!!

Easter was so much fun this year. To prepare we had a special FHE on Jesus Christ and the Atonement and Abby gave her first primary talk. We made up words that start with the letter of Easter to help us remember the true meaning. E- The atonement is for everyone. A- Jesus performed the atonement for each of us individually. S- The Atonement helps us overcome our sins and sicknesses. T- The Atonements helps us overcome trials and temptations. E- Eternity is our reward if we faithfully keep our covenants and repent using the atonement. R- Because of Jesus Christ and the Atonement we will all be resurrected.

I couldn't have been prouder as she said all the words wasn't shy at all and gave a great talk.

We did the annual Easter egg coloring which was so much fun. A little bit chaotic as Natalie wanted to dip all her eggs at one time in every color.

The next day was our Easter egg hunt always a treat as Grandma and Poppa supplement our eggs with some special candy eggs, stickers, and jelly beans. Natalie had so much fun she kept wanting to look for more eggs after it was done. Here are the results of their hunt.

I have to say the best part for me this year was how magical it became to Abby. She couldn't believe that the Easter Bunny actually came and brought her stuff. Isn't it cool Mom? It wasn't even bad to be woken up at 7am to hear the screaming of the arrival of her Easter basket!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!!


Natalie is my little ball of energy and I love it. However she often catches me off guard a few feet higher than I expected. Here while I was making lunch she climbed on top of the couch onto the shelf there and was saying AH AH!! I got Abby to pose.
Now here is a Mom's favorite thing. I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor and vaccuming the carpet when as I was putting the vaccuum away I hear Abby "Mom come quick!" Once again Natalie on the shelf pushing the plant off so she can climb up. I was so proud that instead of losing it since I had a birthday party in a couple of hours and not really any time to clean I would take a picture and then clean it up!!!
Natalie is the best teacher of patience!!! I am glad since I am really low in that category!!!!


Not the best picture but after only a week on the market our house sold. We feel pretty blessed that it went so fast and we were able to get a great price!!
I wish I had more pics of all the before and after pics of all the things the guys did but this is all I got!! Too bad Poppa is looking so serious and not at all focused on the camera!!!

The last few days I have been a bit sad thinking of all the great memories here. I met, dated, and married Ryan all while living here. We started our life together in this house and brought home our two beautiful daughters home to this house. Sniff Sniff. Ok enough sappiness but we will miss our cute little bungalow.

Soccer and BDI

One of the fun things we have been doing lately with Abby is soccer. She goes once a week for an hour. Here is a photo op of her and Dad doing some stretches before it started. You would think it was super serious but really it is just an intro into the sport. Abby really likes it so far and when Daddy brought home a soccer ball a few weeks ago she was pretty excited.

After one soccer night we headed with Grandma and Poppa to BDI. It seems like a little tradition for our family we bike there each spring to look at the rising Red River and enjoy some ice cream. The girls were pretty pumped to have a yummy soft ice cream!!! Not sure how much Natalie actually got into her mouth but she enjoyed it anyway. Horray for spring!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Times they are a changing!!!

Well folks I haven't blogged in a while and while looking at my camera I haven't taken a picture in a while either. However we have some big news and so I will tell you all about it.

First off we are going to have baby number 3 in September and I was really hoping to not be feeling lethargic and yucky still but here I am. Hello totally done the first trimester. Anyway we are uber excited and the girls can't wait. Abby has started rocking her doll again which is so sweet and when you ask Natalie where is Mommy's baby she comes running over and hits me in the stomach. Yeah we haven't perfected that yet.

Secondly we are moving to a bigger and newer house in June. This is super exciting for us since it feels somedays we are bursting out of our little bungalow. I have to admit it makes me a wee bit sad. I bought this house before I even knew Ryan and have so many fond memories but it is time to move on!!!  Due to the move my amazing husband and father in law have been working around the clock to update and beautify with some reno's. In fact they are so good the other day I told Ryan I like my new kitchen too much to move. Anyway wish us luck our house goes on the market on Monday. So if you know of anyone looking for an adorable starter home in Winnipeg we have a perfect one for you!!!!

Other than that life is great we are busy and happy and enjoying life!!! Hope everyone is having a great spring!!!