Sunday, June 29, 2008

Off to Camp

Well tomorrow I leave for girls camp to be the camp nurse. Last year I had a really great time at girls camp except for the fact that I had a two month old and we were still getting to know each other. Luckily we survived.I am sure it will be an adventure but it will be the first time I leave Abby for any length of time. Tonight she didn't want to go to bed so great and it made me slightly sad to leave her for five days but I am sure we will both survive.
Since I don't have a computer at my leisure anymore it is currently sitting on our bedroom floor patiently waiting for something to happen with our basement. I haven't had much time to do blogging but Ryan is done his summer school now so I have the laptop again.
Abby is doing great. Today she tried to run at church and it didn't go well face plant on the floor lot's of crying after that one. She has turned into a bruiser child. It is pretty crazy how fast she can go now. Parenthood definitely gets more amazing as the months go by.
Just for a little update my garden is doing awesome. My lettuce is growing fabulously and I am pretty sure I will have my own garden salad this summer. YEAH!!!

Here we are in our summer eyewear. Isn't it great to have sunny days where you need a hat and sunglasses?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Murphy's Law

I entitled this Murphy's law because my last post was all about gratitude and being grateful for everything I have been given which I have been doing pretty good at least I thought. Anyway last week when we got the torrential rain here our little basement didn't do so hot. I was working a couple of night shifts and my poor husband tried to break it to me gently that our basement had flooded. WHAT??? Anyway not so much fun as we have had to gut the entire basement move everything from the basement to various places in my house and garage and have a continuous fan going and dehumudifier to try and dry the place out. This is not so good for my organized and neat personality. Clutter and I tend to not get along but here I am learning a lesson in patience and gratitude yet again. Patience in that it is going to be a long summer of living in the upstairs only so please please let the sun shine and gratitude because my husband is so handy and did a lot of work on his own. We have had so much help from our inlaws and the Barfuss's what we would do without them? On Sunday night we discovered more leakage in our spare room and our amazing hometeachers came over for a couple of hours and helped clear the room out. Total testimony to me of what the gospel is really about. My nephew Ben saved me on Friday night by coming over and watching Abby while Ryan did some demo work and then again on Sunday those Barfuss kids saved us again. So grateful to have such awesome neices and nephews so close. Abby has not been herself the last couple of days maybe she doesn't like caous (not sure how to spell that) either??
On a fun note a couple of weeks ago we took Abby out on her first canoe trip. It was so much fun and she loved it for the first half hour or so. We canoed out to where Ryan proposed to me AHH!! Okay we are kind of sappy but it was fun nonetheless. Theses are all pics of her in Grandma and Grandpa's canoe because we obviously couldn't take pics of ourselves.

Joelle and Nicole took such good care of Abby on Sunday and gave her her first pedicure. It was so cute and Abby was definitely having a riot.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As I was looking over my blog I realized that my last entry doesn't seem too grateful and so I realized that I should stop worrying about being tired and busy and just enjoy life. Today as I was weeding the garden and flower beds and Abby was pulling up the flowers and eating the dirt I decided just to laugh and enjoy it.
Hopefully she doesn't have permanent damage as this morning she fell off the couch head first. I don't know why she thinks she is invincible.
Here is my top ten reasons to be thankful today:
1. The plants in my garden have all sprouted up. Love it!
2. My flower beds look great now. I always get behind later in the summer it seems so this year I am determined to beat those weeds.
3. My husband listened to my whole dramatic story of the day last night even though he was tired and had to get up early.
4.I made Abby laugh multiple times today and hearing that makes me so happy inside!
5. A healthy body and mind.
6. A warm and comfortable home.
7. The sun poked through those clouds a few times.
8. When I went to the grocery store the clerk ran and got me a coupon. So thankful.
9. Abby- So many reasons I love this girl and more and more each day. Isn't the development of a child so amazing?
10. Ryan- He is so amazing and so close to finishing his goal.

Anyway just a cheesy list but I wanted to make everyone smile instead of feeling down about their tired friend Jess!!! Have a great day!