Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best Husband Ever

I know I just told you in my last post he was the best ever but I just had to share with you how sweet he was yesterday! He completely surprised me with a date afternoon/evening. It was awesome. We dropped the kids off at Grandma's and headed to the bike shop. I got my first road bike well actually cyclocross bike and we headed to Bird's Hill Park. The weather was beautiful and my new bike was fantastic. It is a little tricky changing gears on a road bike so I felt a little wobbly at times but I had a great ride with no wipeouts! After the park we headed home changed and headed off to dinner at "A Night in Bangkok" A yummy Thai restaurant where the food was much better than the service!!
We headed back to Grandma's where Abby insisted on a sleepover so she stayed at Grandma's. We came home and put Natalie to bed and started watching a movie. We watched Mr. Deeds which brought back some memories. That is the movie I watched when I was in labour with Natalie. This time however I quickly fell asleep. OOPS!!
Anyway it was a perfect treat as tomorrow night I head back to work parttime in the ICU. I was thinking about my job and how I feel like I need to study or something to go back. This maternity leave I really embraced my family and didn't think about work at all. It was so wonderful. I guess I may be hitting the books a little tonight to review but really I think it will all come back once I am there. I was thinking what do I love about my job. I came up with my top three:
1. I only have to work 1-2 days a week which is just enough for me.
2. I get to talk with and help people in some of their most trying times and I get to learn about their lives and families. This is essentially why I love nursing really getting to know about people.
3. I use my brain for things other than potty training, breast feeding, bedtime routines, etc. etc. etc. However at the end of the day I love being the Mom the best and if I could stay home full time I definitely would but for now I am heading back to work refreshed and looking forward to seeing all my co-workers.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I went to a funeral for a wonderful gentleman that I had the opportunity to live with when I first moved to Winnipeg. Call me crazy but I love going to funerals. I love learning about people's lives and being reminded to be grateful for what I have now and not to take anything for granted. I loved listening to stories about him and really gaining an appreciation for what he accomplished in this life and all that is waiting for him in the next! I love all the neat stories. Today all his grandchildren shared their favorite memories. It made me wonder what my kids would share someday.

This picture is from Father's Day last Sunday. I hope I never take these amazing people for granted. They make everything worth it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abby loves the swings. Last week she really wanted to go to the swings even though there were huge puddles underneath them. So off we went. Well after I gave her a "super push" (Her new word for underducks.) She let go and took a big tumble right into the puddle. No major injuries just a lot of screaming and muddy clothes. After we calmed down thirty seconds later "Mom I want to go on the swing". She is one determined girl.
Natalie is growing like crazy. She is into everything. She is trying to walk and is now standing on her own. She goes to take a step then tumbles down. Today she was headbanging the stairs at my sisters it was all good and fun until she decided to go a little further and actually make contact with the stairs. She has a nice goosegg on her forehead. She is constantly making noises and having conversations that no one understands.

I have been so tired lately. Natalie is not doing well with the whole teething thing. She finally popped one through and is now getting about 3or 4 more. All my nonmedicinal tricks aren't working so we are back on the Baby Advil.
I have been soaking up the Conference Ensign lately. Isn't it just inspiring? I feel so much peace knowing all the advice and counsel given to us on how to raise our families is right there and we just need to follow it and use it. Don't you feel lucky? I sure do.