Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enjoying the Moments!

Here is my cute 10 month old. I can't even believe she is that old already. She finally has a tooth poking through and I think that is why she finally slept through the night twice last week! YEAH!!!!
She is now crawling up the stairs and pulling herself to a stand and creeping all along the furniture.
She loves her sister and is always laughing. Abby was having a three year old moment in the bathtub and Natalie crawls over stands up and starts laughing and then Abby started laughing. I think this will be a great quality as they get older and she will be able to help Abby relax.
She is also my noisy girl. She loves baby talk and is constantly babbling away. It is so fun to be her Mom!

We have had lot's of walks to the park lately with the nice weather and she loves the rocks at the playground mostly eating them so her favorite area for now is the swings.

Abby is growing every day and has such an independant personality. Maybe it's the age or stage I don't know. I appreciate that she wants to do so many things herself and most of the time it is not a big deal. Today in fact she went to the park with a runner on her right foot and a sandal on her left foot and I didn't even notice until we were at the park. She got a few new books from her Auntie and we have been reading them daily. She loves "Cupcake" it is a super cute story about an ordinary vanilla cupcake. A must read with your little girls!

Mother's Day was awesome. I never blogged about it but I was treated like a queen. I do have an amazing husband. I am also lucky to have two fantastic Moms so it was a great day overall. I am just trying to enjoy the moments of motherhood each day with these two cuties!!!
Finally planted my garden last week. What an adventure with Abby wanting to help constantly. I am sure my carrots will be so close together that they will not be very big at all but the memories will outweigh the small carrots!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It seems like there is a lot of change going on in our lives.I guess this is typical of everyone's lives it kind of overwhelmes me in the blogging world and I quit blogging for a while and then realize I have way too much to write about. Anyway let's see:
-Natalie is 10 months old this month YIKES!!! Can we all say slow down. She is crawling everywhere,standing herself up against objects,making lot's of noises, and still loves to explore by putting everything in her mouth. I guess it is good in a way it keeps me on top of vaccuuming and mopping!!
-Abby turned three last week.! I can't believe she is three. We had her first party with three friends. It was pretty chaotic at times but in the end everyone had a fun time. I made her a bunny cake and she got spoiled by her friends and later by family as we had everyone over for a BBQ. She amazes me everyday with her memory skills and all the things she picks up when you just say them once. I do love how she loves music and we are enjoying her music class together. On Monday we went to the Barfuss's for FHE and she sang most of the words to Nephi's Courage. Yep I am one proud momma!!

-Ryan is loving the spring weather so he can ride his bike a lot!(He he poor guy the weather has been so terrible not the best for bike riding). He is looking for a wonderful new job at the moment so we are lucky to have him around a lot more.
-Myself I am just trying to enjoy the moments as they come. I was so lucky to have my Mom here the past week.  It was so  fun to have her around. Abby was pretty spoiled having someone to play games with her all the time. We had lot's of adventures: fabric shopping, flat tire during rush hour on Main Street/Portage (So fun), bubble tea, and oh yeah my Mom got her ears pierced for Mother's Day. What an adventurer.
 I got released from RS and put into the Primary Presidency. It was a bit of a shock but now I am enjoying being with the children and working with my sister it is pretty fun. Today is my four month mark of going to the gym,working out etc. I have been measuring and doing my weight etc. I won't give you numbers but I am slowly attaining my goal and I am super excited about that!!!!
I can't wait for the sun to return and start planting my flower and vegetable gardens and going to the park daily!!!