Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Wow time has flown by. I feel like I say that a lot but seriously since the weather got nice I feel like my time is taken up by walks to the park, riding my bike, and playing outside..I love this season.  Well the past weekend was Easter and we had such a fun holiday this year. We had a playdate early in the week with Abby's friends and made bunny cookies, had an Easter egg hunt, and made Easter hats. Do your remember making Easter hats in school? I used to love making them and have many pictures from elementary school of my Easter hat.  We had a special Easter family home evening and since then Abby is insisiting on having egg hunts daily. It has been quite fun.
Despite threats from Mom. Yes I used the threat of no Easter Bunny if you don't behave the bunny did come. Abby received a small Easter bunny and a Disney movie. She was so excited that the bunny came. Natalie got some yummy treats too!!
One of my favorite Easter traditions is the Easter dress. Growing up my Mom always made me one and I was doing good until this year. Grandma and Poppa bought the girls their Easter dresses and boy were they cute!!!

We had a really fun family activity last week and got to go fly in a small plane. One of our friends is a pilot and is moving away so we took the opportunity to go fly with him. It was so fun watching all the sights from above and watching Abby be amazed at everything she saw!! Ryan even flew for a bit.

Of course both of the girls are growing up like crazy here are some of the things they have been up to.
Abby has started riding a bike. It has been so much fun to help her and watch her catch on and just go. She is so excited to ride a bike just like her Daddy and wants to know why she can't go on his hour long bike rides with him?
She has also started saying mealtime and bedtime prayers seriously one of the sweetest experiences of parenting is watching your children's testimonies grow.
Now see this cute face. Our little Natalie started crawling last week and unlike her sister is into everything. I remember people asking me why I didn't have my DVD's locked up or my CD's put away but Abby was just never interested. Well here comes trouble. Natalie gets into everything she can she would still eat all the flyers if I let her and loves crawling straight towards the entertainment unit. Such fun!!!!

Now the past week we have had this little gal at our house.
Watching Skiddles for my sister has  been a lot of fun. My girls love having her Natalie is constantly chasing her and Skiddles is running away. Abby loves walking her and acts like such a grownup holding her leash. I am quite happy to return her to her family tomorrow. Not totally sold on the dog thing but it has been fun.I also think Skiddles is slightly overwhelmed being in our noisy baby crying house. I think she will be quite happy to return to a home of quiet days!!!
Wasn't General Conference awesome? Loved it. I was so thrilled to get so much counsel as a parent although I was telling Ryan it worries me about what might be coming!!
I also loved watching the final half of the NCAA finals. I haven't watched basketball in so long and I was so rooting for the underdogs but Duke won. So sad. It was such a fun game to watch.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!!