Friday, December 23, 2011

Smith Family Christmas Letter 2011

2011 was a year of fun

We renovated our house then moved to a new one.

Two trips to Alberta brought a lot of joy.

Now everyone is anticipating all the Christmas joy.

Abby is our busy girl who turned four this year.

She loves being in joyschool and shows no fear.

She took soccer and swimming had all sorts of fun.

Mostly she loves doing arts and crafts a ton.

Her first presentation in primary was a hit.

She said her memorized scripture without a fit.

Natalie turned two and loves to climb.

She is always on the go wasting no time.

Her baby brother is her new favorite toy.

Giving everyone hugs and kisses brings her joy.

She loves to sing and dance,

Banging on the piano whenever she has a chance.

Jared was slow in coming to earth

Mom had an induction and a slow birth.

He loves to smile and make a lot of sound.

His sisters love having him around

He loves to sleep which Mom adores

He’s growing like crazy and never a bore.

Ryan has been really busy this year.

Doing  our renovations with no fear.

Many wood projects and house projects too.

Serving in young men’s and ward mission leader too.

Being a Dad brings him great joy.

Playing with the kids and making them toys.

Jessica has become a mother of three.

And often runs around like a busy bee.

Making our house into  a home.

Taking the time to write this poem.

Serving in the Primary and Relief Society too.

Trying to balance life as we all do.

Family visitors came for special days.

Away from ICU with maternity pay.

Thanks for reading about our year.

Hope it wasn’t too much to hear.

Merry Christmas to you and all those you hold dear.

We wish you the best in the coming year!!


Christmas time is here!!!

As usual I am behind in the blog but here as some of the fun things we have been doing to get ready for Christmas!! Making snow angels in the front yard and decorating with colored water in the backyard!
 We went and chopped down our own tree again this year. It was so much fun. You don't get the perfect tree but the experience is well worth it!
We also are doing the 12 Days of Christmas this year which has been so much fun. The kids get really excited to run, ring the doorbell, and watch as the people open the door!
We went carolling on Monday for FHE to a few houses and Abby was so excited she sang jingle bells all night long both in and out of the car!
 Jared is mostly taking in all the girls excitement, screaming, giggles you know.
Only two more sleeps and then hopefully Mommy will be able to get some sleep!!
Merry Christmas!!