Friday, December 23, 2011

Smith Family Christmas Letter 2011

2011 was a year of fun

We renovated our house then moved to a new one.

Two trips to Alberta brought a lot of joy.

Now everyone is anticipating all the Christmas joy.

Abby is our busy girl who turned four this year.

She loves being in joyschool and shows no fear.

She took soccer and swimming had all sorts of fun.

Mostly she loves doing arts and crafts a ton.

Her first presentation in primary was a hit.

She said her memorized scripture without a fit.

Natalie turned two and loves to climb.

She is always on the go wasting no time.

Her baby brother is her new favorite toy.

Giving everyone hugs and kisses brings her joy.

She loves to sing and dance,

Banging on the piano whenever she has a chance.

Jared was slow in coming to earth

Mom had an induction and a slow birth.

He loves to smile and make a lot of sound.

His sisters love having him around

He loves to sleep which Mom adores

He’s growing like crazy and never a bore.

Ryan has been really busy this year.

Doing  our renovations with no fear.

Many wood projects and house projects too.

Serving in young men’s and ward mission leader too.

Being a Dad brings him great joy.

Playing with the kids and making them toys.

Jessica has become a mother of three.

And often runs around like a busy bee.

Making our house into  a home.

Taking the time to write this poem.

Serving in the Primary and Relief Society too.

Trying to balance life as we all do.

Family visitors came for special days.

Away from ICU with maternity pay.

Thanks for reading about our year.

Hope it wasn’t too much to hear.

Merry Christmas to you and all those you hold dear.

We wish you the best in the coming year!!


Christmas time is here!!!

As usual I am behind in the blog but here as some of the fun things we have been doing to get ready for Christmas!! Making snow angels in the front yard and decorating with colored water in the backyard!
 We went and chopped down our own tree again this year. It was so much fun. You don't get the perfect tree but the experience is well worth it!
We also are doing the 12 Days of Christmas this year which has been so much fun. The kids get really excited to run, ring the doorbell, and watch as the people open the door!
We went carolling on Monday for FHE to a few houses and Abby was so excited she sang jingle bells all night long both in and out of the car!
 Jared is mostly taking in all the girls excitement, screaming, giggles you know.
Only two more sleeps and then hopefully Mommy will be able to get some sleep!!
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Halloween

Better late then never I always say. Well actually I hate being late and never say that but I am finding these days the blog is getting pushed out to the no time category hence writing about Halloween two weeks late. Anyway had to share our cute Halloween pics. It was so fun this year. Abby was so into it. Natalie burst out crying at the first door but once she got some candy she was really into it. Jared came to a few houses then handed out the candy with Grandma. All in all we had a great holiday here are my cutie pies in their costumes!! Natalie was a giraffe and Abby was a dog.
I didn't dress Jared up but he has some pretty good facial expressions without a costume so I figured he didn't need one yet.
This is us on the way out. Yes I was a total lamo and dressed up as a nurse. Ryan went as a cowboy but we didn't get his pic for some reason??

This is one of my favorite pics of the night. The two girls looking so independant and so eager to get to the next place. I feel like they are growing up soooo fast!!!!! Oh and by the way the weather was so fantastic like probably the warmest Halloween I have ever experienced thus far in Winnipeg!! Pretty awesome!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Just wanted to say I am so grateful for these fine people!!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!
Oh and for this awesome guy!! Check out Jared's tie that Ryan made this morning before church. He is so excited to have a little boy to get ready. Pretty fun stuff!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Jared Alan Smith
Well here is my handsome little man who finally decided to come with a little help from the medical world. Since I was 12 days past my date I got put onto the induction list. I got called on Saturday afternoon while I was at the RS Service Project. We headed off to the hospital but nothing started to happen with the first step so we got sent back home. I finally started having regular contractions in the night and we headed back. Anyway to make a long story short I ended up on the IV and Jared came after a long day of labour. He arrived on September 25 at 6:45pm weighing 9lbs 1oz and measuring 21 1/4 inches. He has beautiful blue eyes like both his sisters and a nice head of strawberry blonde hair. Everyone keeps asking who he looks like I never know so here he is for you to decide. He does have his Daddy's fingers, toes, and personality. So far he is consistently eating every two hours and is growing and changing.
The second most asked question is how do his sisters like him? As you can see from this pic they both are pretty happy. They are always asking for turns to hold him and wanting to take pictures with him. Natalie is a little agressive and I am patiently repeating the word gentle about 1million times/day and maybe not so patiently by 4pm but we are working on it.
We are all very excited that he finally arrived and I am loving having a newborn to rock and cuddle.
Welcome to the world Jared!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


So remember my last post. I was so excited to be done work and eagerly awaiting arrival of number 3 preferrable before the 12th because that was way too far away. Well it is now September 19 and this little one has still decided not to come. HMM maybe a stubborn personality????
My doctor spoke the dreaded word induction today. Not that I don't want the baby to come I just had this dream of doing it all by myself. The kids keep bugging me because I told them it was coming and it still isn't here. Abby asked me today,"Are you sure you are having a baby?"  I am pretty confident that it will come soon enough and if it ends up being induced quite frankly at this point I would be quite okay with it.

Abby has been enjoying her joy school so much. She loves to learn and we bought her a kindergarten readiness book which she pores over everyday. I love her desire to learn and how excited she is to be a part of some type of school. At church a couple of weeks ago she volunteered to sing a solo for the primary presentation. I was nervous for her at first. However she has been practicing her little heart out and tonight for FHE she sang the first half of the song pretty much independantly. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. Where do kids get their confidence. It is pretty awesome.

Natalie is still going strong. She is starting to say lot's of words now which is such a relief. She has not been a big talker for so long I was getting ready to visit a speech language therapist. She has a new friend in nursery and they run to it together each week. She is full of spunk with her curly locks and she repeatedly comes up to my belly and bangs on it while saying baby!!!

I promise my next update will be pictures of our new addition to the family.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Worked my last 12 hour shift in the ICU today. YEAH!!!! I am so excited to start the journey of mother of 3. I know it's going to be challenging and hard. Everyone at work kept saying 3 Are you crazy?? I am pretty sure that is what makes motherhood so amazing is that it is super hard and it makes you grow as a person and hopefully in the end you have children who love you and go out into the world as capable, independant, and loving adults.
Here's hoping that number 3 decides the 12th is too far away and comes soon. Will keep you posted!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Summer!

Well as you can see I haven't been on my blog for awhile. It has been a really busy/tiring past month and the trek down the stairs without kids hasn't been happening too much.

Natalie turned two in July we had a little family party. We gave her a water table which she loves to splash around in. At two she is my energetic explorer. She loves to climb and often gives 8 1/2 month pregnant momma heart attacks since I can't quite run as fast on the playground as before. She is starting to talk a bit more and is very independant. She is waking up at night again of course right before the baby comes just to remind me that she is still the baby. She can sneak around so quietly that I often find her downstairs before I even hear her. Last week we had the Barfuss's here and she found a jar of vaseline which she promptly styled her hair with.  Mostly what I love about my two year old is she has the biggest smiles and gives the best hugs.

Abby has been sick off and on all summer fighting this pneumonia she got. It has been tricky because she has so little energy poor thing. She is getting excited to go back to joyschool and restart her swimming lessons. She has become Mom's little helper and informed me that when the baby brother comes she will be ready. We don't know what we are having but Abby is insistent that it be a brother. We shall see how that works out.

Only a couple more weeks hopefully of pregnancy for me. I am so excited to welcome number 3 to our family. It has been a super hot and dry summer and I can't wait to enjoy it a bit more without this extra baby inside. Hopefully it will be a long extended summer. Now if only I was ready for the baby to come. Oh well soon enough.

My neice is going through the temple today and getting married on Friday. I can't believe it!!! She is such an awesome girl and I am so excited for her. Wish I could be there. I got to throw her bridal shower and help out with the Winnipeg party we had so much fun.  It was fun to have company in our new house and not feel so crowded like our old one however it was a little tiring. Tonight I have a RS activity that I am in charge of , Thursday I work my last shift and then I am clear to have a baby!!!

My camera is up on the second level so forgive that lack of pics. I can assure you my kids are still cute and my prego belly is huge.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Strawberry Picking!!

We headed out to a new strawberry picking farm this year. It was so much fun. They take you out on the wagon and you pick to your heart's content and then there is a petting zoo.

We had a lot of fun picking and if you notice Natalie she had a lot of fun sampling with her red face!!
Last night for Family Home Evening we had a ton of fun playing in the yard with the sprinkler. It has been so crazy hot here. So sad that I am 7months prego and am not totally enjoying the hot mostly mosquito free summer but my kids sure are!!!

Abby was practicing on a two wheeler last night without training wheels. She has been begging her Dad for months to do this. It is very interesting to watch your kids try to learn new things and see how they handle it.
Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Holidays!!

We were so lucky this year to be able to go out to Alberta to visit the family for about 10 days. We had such an awesome time. Here are some of the highlights::
1. We got to stay at Auntie Leslye's new amazing condo. Abby got introduced to Charlotte's Web and Leslye and her shared quite a few laughs and are still laughing.
2. We got to visit with Joelle and meet her awesome fiance. I can't believe she is getting married. I was so glad we were able to spend some quality time since my baby is due pretty close to her wedding date so I am probably not going to make it. So sad!!!!

3. I loved watching the girls enjoy the farm. We did some rock throwing, fishing, quad riding, and visiting the cows. Daddy enjoyed torturing the gophers just a little bit.

4. We went to Waterton for the day when we first arrived. We had fun hiking and exploring. The girls enjoyed sticking their feet into the water when there was still ice on it. Crazy how much snow there still is up there. Of course we saw some wildlife and enjoyed some yummy ice cream.

5. We were so lucky that my brother Phil and his family came up close to the same time. My kids actually had some time with cousins close to their age. Abby was in heaven. My favorite memory was riding in the back of the truck and looking at the cows and all the kids making moo sounds along with Grandpa-pretty priceless!!

6. Of course we got to go to the temple. I love going to the Cardston temple. It is my favorite because of all my memories of it growing up etc. It was fun to teach the girls more about it and to take some pics and just talk about how important it is. So grateful for everything that goes on in that building!!!

7. On Canada Day we headed to Raymond for the big parade and then lunch at my Aunt and Uncle's house. That brought back so many memories of going there when I was young. It was fun to see all the cousins and to see my girls enjoy a summer parade. They were so excited.

8. To end off our trip we headed to Calgary to visit Ryan's brother and my sister and their families. The pics are on the other camera. We had such a great time and are so blessed to have such awesome families!!!!

We Moved!

We sold our starter home on Berrydale and entered our new home on Quincy Bay. We love it.This is a pic from possession day. We are slowly getting organized and doing some small renos so I will keep you posted. My favorites of this house thus far are:: 1. fenced in backyard- no more almost two year old running away!!! 2. A master bathroom- if you have toddlers you know how nice it is to have your own bathroom. 3. Space!!!!
We are enjoying every minute of making it our own.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wow where does the time go?

Since the last few weeks/month have been focused on packing, moving, and all other such exciting things I feel like I am living in a blur. This is the first move for us since marriage and kids and oh my we seem to have accumulated so much stuff. Oh dear. Gone are the days when I moved to Winnipeg in my car with a few boxes being sent via Greyhound.
As usual the girls are keeping us on our toes. Since I am so bad at printing pictures here is the one I promised to a certain amazing sister that I haven't printed yet. Sorry just haven't got to it.
We have been enjoying some great spring like weather and then some days  fall like weather. I can't complain it isn't a tornado or flood so we can deal with it.
As usual Natalie is our little charmer with her curly locks. Pretty much wherever we go I get a comment about our curly haired cutie. I have to tell you this hat is a bit of a funny story. Ryan bought it for his Dad for a belated birthday present to go with a matching coat. I am pretty sure Mom is not going to let him out of the house wearing it but Natalie sure looked cute in it.
Another attribute of natalie that I have noticed lately is her love of music. Whenever I try to sit down and play she comes running over and tries to play with me. She also starts swaying away whenever music comes on. It is pretty cute unless I am trying to actually practice something then it is challenging.
Here is our other little grown up at the zoo last week. Abby is so interested in learning about so many things and I can't believe how much she retains. She blew me away last week when she brought up something I had taught in sharing time a week ago. She can tell you the whole story of a library book after reading it once. It is crazy to me.
She was asking about mermaids the other day and then Dad took this picture of her in the tub and I told her she looked like a beautiful mermaid. Her hair is beautifully straight how I always dreamed mine would be someday. I am sure in about ten years I will have two daughters wishing they had the other one's hair.
Here is our jaunt to La Barrier Park on Victoria Day yeah it was cold out. The dandelions are crazy this year and Ryan was having a blast taking pics with all the yellow in the background.
I have been immersed in a couple of books by the Eyre's lately
1. 5 Spiritual Solutions for Parents and 2. A Mother's Book of Secrets
They were so inspiring and encouraging in my parenting endeavors.

On a sad note I taught my last sharing time in our ward on Sunday. I will miss our great primary and serving with some great sisters. I was so glad my last two sharing times were about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon: Another testament of Jesus Christ. I love teaching the basics probably why I love being in primary.
This Sunday we have our visiting teaching workshop and another sister and I are doing a duet hopefully I won't be too hormonal/emotional. I told the RS Pres. it wasn't really fair being my last Sunday in Dalhousie ward and I have to sing in front of all my sweet RS sisters. Oh well I have learned so much in this ward and I am looking forward to new opportunities to serve and learn in a new ward.

Oh and yeah I feel like an official Mom now we bought "the van" last weekend. A 2007 Chevy Uplander. We got a great deal and traded in our Focus Wagon. I already love it. The first few times driving I felt like I was back on the farm driving a big truck but now I am getting used to it and love the convience.
Wow okay I will quit typing this turned into a novel of sorts!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Princess is 4!!

For the last few months Abby has really gotten into Disney stuff and princesses so this year we had a princess and prince party for her 4th birthday. I can't believe she is 4 already. AHH!! Oh wait she isn't really until Saturday but today was her little party. Here were her invitations we printed onto little crowns.
A princess party is being planned.
Prince and Princesses come from far and wide.
At 1:30 have your carriage arrive. The 27th is our special day,
At Smith Castle your mom knows the way.
Everyone wear your prince and princesses clothes,
for treasure hunts, treats, and the royal bubble blow!
We hope you can come to our royal ball,
Queen Jessica is requesting a call 257-4729.
Princess Abby

She dressed up as Cinderella and I attempted to do an upkeep of her hair. It was adorable we had three princes and one other princess. We played treasure hunt, princess and the pea, crown decorating, and ate snacks. One little prince showed up with a flower and said,'I'm going to be your prince charming" So adorable. It was a bit of work but so much fun. We ended off with a Royal Bubble Blow and blew many bubbles into the sky.
At 4 -Abby is still into crafts and books. She got a ton of craft supplies for her birthday so that will keep us busy for a while.
-She loves riding her bike and keeps asking when the training wheels are coming off.
-She is into playing board and card games now and loves to win.
-She loves playing pbskids on her computer
-Much to my dismay she loves playing Super Mario with Dad on the wii. I only say dismay because I am horribly bad at it and can't really play. I am pretty sure she could surpass me if she wanted to.
-She is my super sensitive girl and when Mommy is upset she will tell me "Mom it's okay or Mom I'm sorry"
-She loves to sing and requests her primary CD whenever we are in the car. It is amazing how many songs she knows already.
-She has a great imagination and loves to play with other kids and imagine different things.
She is a great daughter and we are so happy to have her in our family. She is definitely our little princess!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Abby!!!!! We love you!!!!!

Easter Bunny!!!

Easter was so much fun this year. To prepare we had a special FHE on Jesus Christ and the Atonement and Abby gave her first primary talk. We made up words that start with the letter of Easter to help us remember the true meaning. E- The atonement is for everyone. A- Jesus performed the atonement for each of us individually. S- The Atonement helps us overcome our sins and sicknesses. T- The Atonements helps us overcome trials and temptations. E- Eternity is our reward if we faithfully keep our covenants and repent using the atonement. R- Because of Jesus Christ and the Atonement we will all be resurrected.

I couldn't have been prouder as she said all the words wasn't shy at all and gave a great talk.

We did the annual Easter egg coloring which was so much fun. A little bit chaotic as Natalie wanted to dip all her eggs at one time in every color.

The next day was our Easter egg hunt always a treat as Grandma and Poppa supplement our eggs with some special candy eggs, stickers, and jelly beans. Natalie had so much fun she kept wanting to look for more eggs after it was done. Here are the results of their hunt.

I have to say the best part for me this year was how magical it became to Abby. She couldn't believe that the Easter Bunny actually came and brought her stuff. Isn't it cool Mom? It wasn't even bad to be woken up at 7am to hear the screaming of the arrival of her Easter basket!!!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!!


Natalie is my little ball of energy and I love it. However she often catches me off guard a few feet higher than I expected. Here while I was making lunch she climbed on top of the couch onto the shelf there and was saying AH AH!! I got Abby to pose.
Now here is a Mom's favorite thing. I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor and vaccuming the carpet when as I was putting the vaccuum away I hear Abby "Mom come quick!" Once again Natalie on the shelf pushing the plant off so she can climb up. I was so proud that instead of losing it since I had a birthday party in a couple of hours and not really any time to clean I would take a picture and then clean it up!!!
Natalie is the best teacher of patience!!! I am glad since I am really low in that category!!!!


Not the best picture but after only a week on the market our house sold. We feel pretty blessed that it went so fast and we were able to get a great price!!
I wish I had more pics of all the before and after pics of all the things the guys did but this is all I got!! Too bad Poppa is looking so serious and not at all focused on the camera!!!

The last few days I have been a bit sad thinking of all the great memories here. I met, dated, and married Ryan all while living here. We started our life together in this house and brought home our two beautiful daughters home to this house. Sniff Sniff. Ok enough sappiness but we will miss our cute little bungalow.

Soccer and BDI

One of the fun things we have been doing lately with Abby is soccer. She goes once a week for an hour. Here is a photo op of her and Dad doing some stretches before it started. You would think it was super serious but really it is just an intro into the sport. Abby really likes it so far and when Daddy brought home a soccer ball a few weeks ago she was pretty excited.

After one soccer night we headed with Grandma and Poppa to BDI. It seems like a little tradition for our family we bike there each spring to look at the rising Red River and enjoy some ice cream. The girls were pretty pumped to have a yummy soft ice cream!!! Not sure how much Natalie actually got into her mouth but she enjoyed it anyway. Horray for spring!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Times they are a changing!!!

Well folks I haven't blogged in a while and while looking at my camera I haven't taken a picture in a while either. However we have some big news and so I will tell you all about it.

First off we are going to have baby number 3 in September and I was really hoping to not be feeling lethargic and yucky still but here I am. Hello totally done the first trimester. Anyway we are uber excited and the girls can't wait. Abby has started rocking her doll again which is so sweet and when you ask Natalie where is Mommy's baby she comes running over and hits me in the stomach. Yeah we haven't perfected that yet.

Secondly we are moving to a bigger and newer house in June. This is super exciting for us since it feels somedays we are bursting out of our little bungalow. I have to admit it makes me a wee bit sad. I bought this house before I even knew Ryan and have so many fond memories but it is time to move on!!!  Due to the move my amazing husband and father in law have been working around the clock to update and beautify with some reno's. In fact they are so good the other day I told Ryan I like my new kitchen too much to move. Anyway wish us luck our house goes on the market on Monday. So if you know of anyone looking for an adorable starter home in Winnipeg we have a perfect one for you!!!!

Other than that life is great we are busy and happy and enjoying life!!! Hope everyone is having a great spring!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

To blog or not to blog!

Lately I have not been feeling the need to blog. Occasionally life overwhelms me and quite frankly my blog is the last thing on the list.
 We have been quite busy with the upcoming Valentine's day. Abby has sent out Valentine's to all her cousins and is having a Valentine's Party on Friday with a few of her friends. Should be fun.
Her new favorite saying is "I'm running out of energy!" For instance I might ask her to make her bed or pick up a toy and she will respond with Mom my legs are running out of energy. Oh boy! She successfully dunked completely in the water at swimming lessons today which she is quite proud of. It still shocks me that she is in Sunbeams and as I was doing sharing time on Sunday and watching her with the other kids it just amazed me how grown up she really is.
Natalie is now 18 months and a bit and constantly keeps me on my toes or running wherever we may be. A couple of weeks ago I lost her twice and felt completely incompetent. One was at the library and the librarian was like Ma'am are you missing a child because there is a toddler standing on top of the table over there. Yeah that would be Natalie. Then the next day at Superstore you know putting my loonie in and having to put her down she bolts into the store and next thing I know an old man comes up to panic stricken me and says if you are missing a little girl she is over by customer service.  It is a great thing she is so cute and always keeping us smiling.
The other day I came into the kitchen and this is what I found. Natalie with her spoon in the bucket of ice cream. Abby and Natalie needed a snack and I wasn't quick enough. A definite negative at having a bottom freezer. Ice cream is far too accessible.
As for me I turned another year older in January we went out for a nice dinner the day before and on my birthday we had some friends over for dinner. It was awesome.
Mother Nature teased us last week where we had a few really nice days. We played outside all afternoon. Now it is back to -20 and if I go to work one more time and someone else tells me about their tropical vacation they went on I am pretty sure I will cry.
I know it's only February but -5 to -10 would be so nice!!!!
           Yeah I can totally relate to the song California Dreaming right now!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alberta Bound

Road Trip 2011 was a blast. On the way out the girls were totally amazing. We had the green box of toys and lot's of snacks. Minimal crying and lot's of fun. We gave Abby our old camera and she took lot's of pics on the way.
 At the farm we had a great visit. Of course our first morning we headed out on the tractor with Poppa to feed the cows. Abby loved watching Poppa pick up the huge bales and then watch the cows chasing us to eat it.
 The definite highlight at the farm were Grandma's new kittens. Abby loved feeding them their milk and petting them. Lucky for us they were really friendly!!
 What trip to the farm would be complete without a trip to the Hutterite colony.Abby refused to be in the picture she insisted on taking it. They loved seeing all the chickens and watching the eggs roll down the chute.
 Abby and  Grandma have something in common. They both love to do puzzles. They had fun putting together Abby size puzzles!!
 I am pretty confident I scared my kids off sledding for a while. I took them down a "real" hill on the farm. I say real because Manitoba is pretty flat well at the end Abby was like "Mom that was way too fast, I am done sledding!" Oops!!!
                                                                       The cats again.
 The reason for our trip was my Dad's 70th birthday party. My sister Vicki hosted it and it was super fun. Of my siblings these are the ones who could come. It is so nice to get together and celebrate things together as a family. I am pretty lucky to have such a great family!!!
                        It was so fun to hear my Dad's siblings reminisce about things and laugh together!!
                                  My girls and I in front of the St. Mary's River at Woolford Park.

Our trip back was lengthened by bad weather but we were able to spend the night at a motel with a swimming pool and have some fun.
We had a great trip and it was so nice to be home, visit with family, and share lot's of memories with the girls. We owe a huge thanks to Grandma from the city for coming. It was so nice to have another adult to help distract the kids during the drive and be a huge help throughout the visit!!!
                                                We can't wait for our next visit in the summer!!!!