Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Summer!

Well as you can see I haven't been on my blog for awhile. It has been a really busy/tiring past month and the trek down the stairs without kids hasn't been happening too much.

Natalie turned two in July we had a little family party. We gave her a water table which she loves to splash around in. At two she is my energetic explorer. She loves to climb and often gives 8 1/2 month pregnant momma heart attacks since I can't quite run as fast on the playground as before. She is starting to talk a bit more and is very independant. She is waking up at night again of course right before the baby comes just to remind me that she is still the baby. She can sneak around so quietly that I often find her downstairs before I even hear her. Last week we had the Barfuss's here and she found a jar of vaseline which she promptly styled her hair with.  Mostly what I love about my two year old is she has the biggest smiles and gives the best hugs.

Abby has been sick off and on all summer fighting this pneumonia she got. It has been tricky because she has so little energy poor thing. She is getting excited to go back to joyschool and restart her swimming lessons. She has become Mom's little helper and informed me that when the baby brother comes she will be ready. We don't know what we are having but Abby is insistent that it be a brother. We shall see how that works out.

Only a couple more weeks hopefully of pregnancy for me. I am so excited to welcome number 3 to our family. It has been a super hot and dry summer and I can't wait to enjoy it a bit more without this extra baby inside. Hopefully it will be a long extended summer. Now if only I was ready for the baby to come. Oh well soon enough.

My neice is going through the temple today and getting married on Friday. I can't believe it!!! She is such an awesome girl and I am so excited for her. Wish I could be there. I got to throw her bridal shower and help out with the Winnipeg party we had so much fun.  It was fun to have company in our new house and not feel so crowded like our old one however it was a little tiring. Tonight I have a RS activity that I am in charge of , Thursday I work my last shift and then I am clear to have a baby!!!

My camera is up on the second level so forgive that lack of pics. I can assure you my kids are still cute and my prego belly is huge.