Thursday, January 29, 2009


This morning I got a call from one of the YW Pres. in our ward asking me to come to YW and talk about the blessings of being a woman and mother. There are so many how can one choose right? Well I have to say lately getting any sort of quality sleep is a big blessing on my list. It seems like whenever I am pregnant I have these really vivid dreams which often wake me up at night and then I lie there trying to go back to sleep. Abby on the other hand is sleeping great and has now become a morning girl waking up between 6 and 7. I dream of the day when I will be able to sleep again I know it is a long time probably years away but I know someday I will return to sleeping through the night!!!
Ok totally old picture from the summer just dreaming of warm days.
Being a woman is totally amazing. I think that we have such a great role to play in the world and in our homes. It is so exciting to see all the different ways woman have progressed yet our most powerful moments still happen in our individual homes and families pretty profound.
Being a Mom is amazing. I can't even tell you how awesome it is. Having a new baby growing inside of you is also pretty amazing. Feeling it move the first time is always my favorite.
Two things happening in our home lately is I bought Abby big girl underwear and we are getting serious about the potty training business. I am looking forward to this challenge because it will give us something to focus on since going outside seems impossible with this weather.
The other thing is we got a Nintendo Wii which is super fun and keeps us having fun together instead of just turning on the tv after Abby has gone to bed.
I decided this year to base all my goals for the year on The Apostles talks from General Conference and have just finished reading all of the talks and am going to put my list together this weekend. I love setting goals and hopefully accomplishing them. Sometimes it is so easy to not set goals and just go throughout our days but I am determined to do it.
Well next time I write I will be 31 I can't even believe I am in my 30's already. Time sure flies when your life is such an adventure!!!
Here is something else I have been thinking of my garden. I always get excited to think about planting and weeding and I am not sure how it will go this year with two kids around but hopefully I will manage. I mean the pioneers did it so I should be able to handle it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

So Cute

Here is one of those proud Momma moments that I had recently. Ryan has been quite sick the last two days and on Wednesday night I said to Abby we were going to go say hi to Daddy who was laying on the couch because he was sick. Well Abby runs off and comes back with her little doctor set she got for Christmas trying to make her Daddy feel better. She loves taking your blood pressure and listening to your heart and lungs. Not that I have trained her how or anything.
It has been a long week with everyone around here feeling sick and now I am getting the end of it. It always strikes me how Heavenly Father knows enough to not let me get sick until my child and husband are feeling better because I always just want to lay on the couch when I am sick and for some reason lose that level of patience that I normally have. Anyway just a small blessing.
On a side note I just read two really interesting books the last two weeks which I really loved. One is a church book called The Holy Secret by James Ferrell. Love this author so much. Everything is so realistic and applicable to me. I also read the Secret Life of Bees which I really enjoyed.
Nothing makes me feel better when I am sick than to cuddle up in a flannel blanket and read a good book.
Hopefully you are reading this and counting your blessings that the flu did not hit your house this season and if it did my thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grapefruit, Ponytails, and Company

Well it has been an exciting few weeks around here. Abby had her first grapefruit and loved it. I am so grateful to have a good eater on myhands it sure makes my life easier. I also put her first ponytail in. I know such a minor detail but hey it makes her look so grown up and so cute. I can't believe she is going to be two this year.
2009 so far has been full of surprises for us. First of all our transmission went on our cavalier. Since we are not quite ready to buy a new car we forked out the dough to replace it. Yikes right after Christmas. Ryan started his last course for his undergraduate and started things going in getting a real job. It is pretty exciting.
It has continued to be mighty cold and I fear my child is turning into a movie lover. Somedays I can't seem to find any creative energy and on goes the tv. Hopefully the weather will break soon.
We were super lucky this past week to have some visitors from the North country. We had our good friends the Drennan's stay with us for a few days. It was so fun to watch Abby and Isaiah play. It was also fun to have them around again.They are way too far away. We had lot's of fun playing Wii, going on a real date without the kids, and just plain hanging out. It was so much fun. Abby is constantly doing her pose with her hands which means Where is he? I keep telling her Isaiah had to go home. She misses her buddy already. Anyway it was a lot of fun and made these cold January days go by!!
Kristi kept trying to get Abby to say her name but no luck. I love this pic and know that Abby and her Mom are both so happy that their friends came to visit. We will see you again soon!!