Sunday, March 22, 2009

Materials Coordinator

Well I got a lot of comments asking what exactly will Ryan be going so here are the details of his new job. He will be the Materials Co-ordiantor for a company called Aero-Inventory. It is over by the airport so we are getting a second car on Tuesday. It is a total Mommy car but it is newer and it will run smoother. It is a 2006 Ford Focus Wagon. Ryan also got called as YM President today. Life is never dull at our house.
After enduring five days without running water I can truly say I am grateful for all the conviences that a modern home has. I used to dream of being a pioneer because I thought it would be so adventurous not anymore. However we were able to utilize our home water supply from our food storage and it really made me grateful that we were obedient to the counsel to keep a small food and water supply. A water main brake on our street caused them to turn off the main supply and when it got turned back on our houses pipes were frozen. Luckily it was on the city side so we didn't have to pay for it. Another blessing.
The snow is all starting to melt and yesterday Abby and I headed off to St. Vital Park and although we came home soaking wet it was so much fun to be outside.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good News

It is true my amazing husband got the job he applied for. He will begin working at the end of the month. Yeah for us. So exciting to start saying goodbye to the student life.
A new chapter begins in the Smith home and we are both looking forward to the changes whatever they may be!!!
Thanks for everyone's support we appreciate it.

(I just realized I posted this under my husband's profile. oops!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How can you not smile?

I finally found our computer cable and have some new pics. How can you not love this girl?

We have been stuck in the house again for awhile due to some extreme cold weather. It makes for creative times. Yesterday Ryan created a slide with a mattress and Abby is in heaven. Oh I can't wait for spring!! Until then we are having fun in the snow when we can get outside without freezing. Abby loves building snowmen.
On a side note baby number 2 is going to be a boxer I am sure of it. The amount of moving and kicking this kid is doing is insane compared to how Abby was. Hopefully we can come to a happy medium soon or else there will be one tired Momma on everyone's hands.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Day in the Life

It has been some time since I last posted. I keep using the excuse I can't find the camera cord to download pictures so why post when I don't have pictures then I decided this is a silly reason.
I thought this was fun on someone's blog so I am copying it.

A Day in my Life
8am-Abby wakes me up by talking to her penguin "Puffy". She doesn't really talk yet we are still working on this. It is slightly baffling as she loves to read and is constantly reading her books but time will tell. I am sure one day the sentences will just pour out.
8:10-Off to breakfast. Abby loves oatmeal what a trooper. We had oatmeal every morning growing up and I can honestly say I do not miss it. I love my Mom for making me such a healthy breakfast every day.
8:30-Honestly I had a pounding headache and Ryan was still in bed since he didn't work until 10. I turned on Sesame Street and hit the pillow. Feel slightly guilty but after my 20 minute nap I felt a whole lot better.
8:50- Started getting Abby ready for the day. Today was a good day lately this has been a fight with her not wanting to get dressed but wanting to run around in her beautiful skin. Put on the Dora panties. Here's hoping for a good potty day.
9-10- Ryan left for work. Got ready for the day. Read a few books. Lately Abby's favorite is The Giving Tree by Silverstein. Really good book with a lot of good meaning.
10-11 Headed outside for a walk. Yeah it is finally nice enough to head out for a walk. Abby loves pushing the trailer instead of riding in it and falls often on the ice but still loves being outside. I discovered those nursery teachers are amazing. I started singing the Snowman song and Abby starts doing the actions. Love it. Put up three stickers on the potty chart so far. YEAH for no accidents.
11-2 Went shopping with Grandma. Bought material to make Abby an Easter dress. Appointment with the obs/gyne (everything looks good). Went to natural bakery and bought some bread. SO YUMMY!!! Grocery Shopping and then home.
2-3 Looked at my package that arrived in the mail from Cardston Book Shop. I spoiled myself and Abby with some new books, CD's, and coloring books. So much fun. Got a phone call from Ryan and he is invited for part 3 of an interview process for a great job. YEAH!!! Here's hoping.
3-5Went outside again because Abby loves it and built a snowman. Took the camera to try and catch the huge amazing snowflakes but by the time we all got ready and out it had quit snowing.
5-7 Made a yummy stifry, cleaned up the kitchen, colored with Abby and relaxed.
7-8 Read some more stories, got Abby into bed and packed my bag for work tomorrow.

That pretty much sums up my amazing day. I have been pouring over websites looking for creative ideas for my new calling as Enrichment Leader. Anyone who has any fabulous ideas give me a shout.
All in all I have a pretty great life and just wanted to share some of my exciting moments that happen around here.