Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We are so excited to have a new baby girl in our home. She is such a gem. I am not sure why but I am enjoying the newborn stage with number 2 far more than I did with Abby. I guess it is just experience and knowing more of what to expect.
I did end up being induced since nature didn't seem to want to do it naturally. It turned out great Ryan and I watched a movie and were just hanging out for about 3 and a half hours after they started the oxytocin. Labour finally hit me at around 12:30 or 1. When they finally got around to checking me I was already 8cm and pushed her out at 0222. It was an awesome labour and delivery. Nothing is so exciting as when a beautiful baby comes out and you know that you had a small part in it. She was 8lbs 140z and 20.5 inches long. Her name is Natalie Ann Smith.
Due to the quietness of the postpartum ward I ended up staying for a couple of days. It was great since my girl was up eating all night the first two nights. Luckily for me that has settled and she is a great little sleeper for her age.
Abby was pretty excited to meet her new little sister and loves to give her kisses. When people come over she is super overprotective. Yesterday some friends came over and Abby wouldn't let them touch anything that belonged to Natalie.
Now we are all adjusting to having a new baby around the house again. So far so good on Mom's part as I guess I am used to sleep deprivation and with the 3-4 hour stretches Natalie is giving me I am feeling not too bad. Our poor little Abby is having a tough time sharing her family with Natalie. Hopefully with time it will all settle out. We have had lot's of company around and they have been spoiling her.
All in all we are a pretty happy family and we are enjoying having a new beautiful baby girl.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mission Accomplished

No I didn't have the baby and am posting about it already. Today I decided to seize the day and I successfully weeded all my flower gardens and my vegetable garden. Only the back lawn left to mow. Yeah!!!! Just thought I would share because it feels really good although now I feel like I could sleep for ever.
Hope you are all having a productive Saturday.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I figure that sometimes we are given experiences to teach us things and lately mine has been learning of patience. My adorable two year old is great at doing this lately. It seems like almost any event from putting on clothes to going to the park requires a little match of wills to see who will give in first. Today I was at the park with Abby and I met this lady who gave me some perspective. She says my granddaughter screams every time we try to get dressed I just do it and then she is none the wiser two minutes later. True enough. I tend to forget how time sensitive these little munchkins are they don't remember everything and so I am going to stop letting myself get so frustrated. Here's Abby enjoying her first smore of the year.
This frustration also stems from the lack of baby coming out. I was completely spoiled with Abby who came 10 days early all on her own. This little one is now almost a week late and I am not feeling any sort of labor starting yet. Another exercise in patience.
Lastly is any one out there interested in weeding my horrendous flower beds? Seriously every time I look out the window I get slightly depressed but it is so uncomfortable and I would rather spend the time with Abby. Oh well it is just a garden. I make myself weed the vegetable garden which is doing awesome.
Well cross your fingers that something happens this weekend and my baby decides it's ready to face the world. Here's hoping.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Hope everyone is out enjoying the beautiful Canada Day. Unfortunately my two year old is not feeling well and is sleeping. We were going to take her to the zoo and play at the park. Oh well such is life. It means I get to enjoy the wonderful blessing of my air conditioning!!! Have a great day!