Thursday, August 5, 2010

I want to talk about our day!!

Lately our adorable Abby has been so funny at bedtime. We do our routine and tuck her in then she calls myself or Ryan in to her room and says,"I want to talk about our day!" After telling her what you did then she tells you what she did. What a precious girl. I love how she makes me stop and enjoy every single moment.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Time

Wow July seemed to zoom by. We have done so many things and been to so many places where to start?
Well here are some highlights:
1. Natalie turned one on July 17, 2010. That is crazy this year has gone so fast and I feel like she is growing way too fast. We had two family get togethers. One with Grandma and Poppa and then one with my two sisters and family. She of course was spoiled but had fun. She is talking more steps and has lot's of fun laughing with her sister. She is still pretty quiet in the word department but she lets you know what she wants!! She makes a funny clicking sound with her mouth all the time and she loves to be cuddled.
Happy Birthday baby girl!!!! We love you!!
2. We have had a few visitors this month. Uncle Matt and Aunt Candace came and Abby was so excited to play with them.

My sister Leslye also came for 10 days. We had such a great time. We headed off to the train at Assiniboine Zoo (mostly for Abby's sake) it was super fun. We discovered a new beach at Selkirk Park (love it). We had some fun sister time and went for a cruise on the River. It was really neat. I am so lucky to have such great sisters!!!

We also found out this month that my sister will be leaving us to move to Calgary. I am pretty sad I will miss her and her family tremendously however I know they will be awesome there too. Lucky Calgary!!!!
This picture pretty much says it all!!
Lastly we had a family camping trip. It was so much fun. We went out to Bird's Hill Park set up the tent and had a blast. So much so that I keep telling Ryan we are going again. I love camping and being outside and all that fun stuff. The girls were amazingly  great. We had only one downfall sleep!!! Oh well it was well worth it!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!!