Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Christmas Letter

Smith Family 2010

Some adventures of our family can be read here.
Yes 2010 has been quite the year.
Hope it makes you laugh and smile too.
Enjoy our story we wrote it for you.

Our Abby turned 3 and is quite the big sister.
Her imagination always leaves our home looking like a twister.
She took a music class and started joy school.
But her favorite things are the lessons in the pool.

Natalie is one and is very busy.
Always climbing and running keeping Mom in a tizzy
She loves being cuddled and teasing big sis.
She always loves giving a big sloppy kiss.

Mom joined the gym and is doing quite well.
Working part time in the ICU always a story to tell.
Serving in Church and being a Mom.
Visits from sisters and Mom are the bomb.

Ryan's been fishing, hunting, and biking.
Losing a job twice not to our liking.
Serving in church with the young men.
Blessings have come with a great job again.

Our chapter this year has come to an end it is true.
Hope you enjoyed reading our story for you.
May you be blessed with joy in the coming year.
Our love goes out to all of you we hold dear!
Merry Christmas
 The Smiths

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Traditions

With Christmas fast approaching I have been thinking about all the wonderful tradtions we have and want to have. This year Abby is actually understanding Christmas a bit better which is so much fun. I feel a little behind this year but we will get there soon.
1. A real Christmas Tree- I love having a real tree. I love the smell of pine throughout my house and the pine needles filling up my vaccuum cleaner. I love having part of nature inside with me. This year we are going to head out and chop our own tree down. SOOO excited!!!!
2. Acting out the Nativity- I am not sure how this will go this year since we are the only ones in Ryan's family with kids and I am not sure how excited the adults will be to be donkeys etc. I am sure it will still be a blast!!!
3. The Christmas Train- We just started this last year and I loved it. It is a small train that takes you around a forest full of different light displays. Hopefully this year it won't be -30something it was a wee bit chilly last year. Super fun!!
4. Fondue- One of the traditions of Ryan's family that I love is having a fondue dinner. It is so fun to sit down and visit and eat slowly and just enjoy each other. Of course it is also very yummy!!!
5. Christmas Letters- Ryan and I started this tradition when we were first married of writing letters to each other expressing our gratitude etc. to each other and now we do it for our kids. It is a super fun thing. I know one day the kids will love reading the letters!!
6. Music- I love Christmas Music. This year I wasn't able to be in the choir due to work but I love singing all the Christmas songs and hearing them. I love sitting and singing away at the piano!!

Well those are some of my favorite traditions. This year is kind of exciting as Ryan's family decided to do an old fashioned Christmas and Ryan has turned into a little Santa in his workshop building all sorts of cool things. I will show you all after Christmas. It makes it so much more exciting when you actually make your own gifts!!!

I am so excited that in January my Dad will be turning 70. Oh boy and I get to go home. It has been over a year since I got to see my family and the farm and the mountains. Oh I love the mountains. Anyway I am uber excited even though Ryan can't come and it will be a long drive with two young kids but it will be so fun to see everyone!!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season.

Sadly our camera is on the fritz so no pics.