Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Holiday in Alberta

We had such an awesome trip to Alberta last week. It was so fun to see family, be at the farm, go camping, and just to be together. We started off with some craziness. We decided to drive through the night so that we wouldn't waste a day. This turned out great because Grandma and Grandpa were able to spell us for some cat naps on Saturday. We headed to the temple on Sunday before church for our walk around and some photos!
We hit the Raymond parade on Monday. This is one of my kids favorite things to do in the summer. In Winnipeg we have the Santa Claus Parade in the bitter cold (usually) so my kids are all over a warm summer parade where they actually throw candy at you. It was so fun to see so many of my extended family!

These pics capture two of my kids favorite activities at the farm this year. The quad and the trampoline. I think Natalie would have spent every possible minute on that trampoline if she could. This year she is a little less spontaneous and was mostly sticking to jumping in the middle thankfully!!
 We went camping in Waterton for one night. We were going to do it for two but everyone got a nasty cold so we only ended up there for 24 hours. We did some hiking, eating, playing, and sleeping. It was an awesome experience and we will definitely be camping longer next time. The girls were so happy to be together running around with their arms wrapped around each other. Jared is moving not really crawling but getting places so he ended up in the camping supplies bin.He doesn't look too upset about it!
This was our campsite it had beautiful mountain views from every angle.

The week ended with both of my sisters coming down for a hike to the point, lot's of laughing, talking, and a campfire.

We had a great holiday and made lot's of new family memories on the farm. I will definitely miss the beauty of the country but it is good to be home again!!

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