Friday, October 26, 2012

Have you seen the garage door opener?

Man I feel like life is so busy with good things these days! This girl started riding a two-wheeler on her own this month, she is doing awesome in kindergarten, and is growing up way too fast. We had our first parent teacher meeting today and the teacher asked if I would be willing to let her be in a group where she would teach English reading on top of her French Immersion. I guess this means she is doing okay. I feel so blessed to have her in our family. This month she got asked to her first birthday party on a Sunday. I felt sad for her that at 5 she already has to start making these kinds of decisions but she totally said,"Mom I can't go I have to go to primary on Sunday!!" Man do I ever feel like she is so strong and often teaches me!

Natalie started joyschool and I can't believe the difference it seems to have made in her. She has so much energy and has started using it to play house and make crafts instead of her old sneaking in the kitchen tactics. It took her a few long weeks to adjust to waking up early so we can walk Abby to school every morning but now she is waking up with a smile and I couldn't be more grateful.
This cutie pie turned 1 on September 25th. We just had Auntie and Grandparents over and he got some fun cute toys. He is such a mover now and is into everything and so curious. This stage is so fun and so tiring. Long gone are the days of being able to leave the kids alone for a few minutes. He has also decided to show his sisters who's boss. When the girls are watching their cartoons he will crawl up to the tv and turn it off then turn around to see if they notice. After Abby runs and turns it back on and he gets his reaction he goes and does it again. Should I be worried about this little troublemaker??

We had family photos done and they turned out cute but we haven't got them all printed and loaded on our computer but here is a favorite one of me that got taken. I realized that I rarely put pics of myself on here. Anyway I liked this one so here you go.
Now you are probably wondering why I entitled this post the way I did. Well I went back to work on September 19 and since that time I am constantly in a battle looking for things, misplacing things etc. One of which is my garage door opener. Such a pain. Anyway I know this is a crazy phase and I will blink and my kids will be in high school. I am trying to enjoy every moment.
So if you see my garage door opener just send it on down. Can't hurt to post it out there maybe some good samaritan found it on the road. JK!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are all ready for Halloween. We finally gave Abby an ultimatum since she has been changing her mind daily on what she wants to be. I won't tell you yet but they are going to be pretty darn cute!!!

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