Sunday, December 16, 2012

We went trick or treating!

If you have been following my blog my last post was awhile ago and guess what I did find the garage door opener in my house in a place it shouldn't be but you know it's found so all is well in that department. This is kind of a catch up post before I post Christmas stuff!!
Halloween was so much fun this year. The girls were so excited. Abby now in kindergarten got to dress up twice and for school was a lizard and then for the big night was a robot. It was so fun to make our simple homemade costumes and she got a lot of comments about how cute it was. Natalie was a giraffe and she was super excited. Jared was a lion and he did pretty good for about a half hour.

Poppa raised a giant pumpkin for us which we had fun carving. It was a fun time!!

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