Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I can't believe it is so close to Christmas already. Most of the packages are wrapped. All the parcels are mailed. Christmas cards are sent and some baking is done. Some of my favorite family traditions center around Christmas!

At our church Christmas party the kids got their first visit with the big guy! Abby really wants skates this year, Natalie wants toy story characters, and Jared is happy with whatever!!
We went and cut down our Christmas tree sorry pics are at Poppa's house. We did our baking day with Grandma and we are busy making our homemade Christmas presents for Ryan's side.
I got to sing in the prelude to Christmas choir and it was awesome. I love singing in choirs at Christmas it totally gets me into the spirit of things. Right now we are doing our special secret 12 days of Christmas deliveries. We just started doing this last year and we love it. The kids get so excited to ring the doorbell and run. Another fun thing we started this year is to do a book advent calendar. I heard about this last year and thought it sounded cool. I wrapped up a book for everyday and so each morning the kids open a Christmas book to read. It has been really fun to read them by the tree every day.
Mostly we talk about our Savior and how special this season really is. Even though sometimes life is crazy with three kids I can't help but be grateful. Sometimes the world has horrible things happen in it and I can't explain why, what, or how but I can have faith and teach my kids to believe in our Savior so that they can face the future with faith and optimism.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!!!

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